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You're Not Trying Quotes

Its peculiar what you remember when youre not trying.
— Chuck Klosterman —

If you don't feel you are possibly on the edge of humiliating yourself, of losing control of the whole thing, then what you're doing probably isn't very vital.
If you don't feel that you are writing somewhat over your head, why do it? If you don't have some doubt of your authority to tell this story, then you're not trying to tell enough.

— John Irving

If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

— Eddie Guerrero

If you're working, and you're not trying to be great, give up.

— George Lois

If you haven't failed, you're not trying hard enough.

— Jennifer Crusie

I reached into my bag and pulled out a pumpkin spice muffin with walnuts that was as moist as anything. "It can be plain for breakfast or I can top it with cream cheese frosting. I like a muffin that can go from day to evening."
I gave it to her. She sniffed it, nodded, and held it up.
"How do I know you're not trying to poison me?"
I wasn't expecting that question. "Ms. Morningstar, I swear, if I was going to poison you, I wouldn't ruin a perfectly fine muffin to do it.

— Joan Bauer

When I was 14, and for the next four years, I was lifting and hauling 10-gallon milk cans full of milk. That will put muscles on you even if you're not trying.

— Harmon Killebrew

Not like this. At least you have a place to go. 'End of the world' ... What is your problem, Adam? I mean, is there something about my place that's too repugnant for you to imagine living there? Why is it that everything kind I do is pity to you? Everything is charity. Well, here it is: I'm sick of tiptoeing around your principles."
"God, I'm sick of your condescension, Gansey," Adam said. "Don't try to make me feel stupid. Who whips out repugnant? Don't pretend you're not trying to make me feel stupid."
"This is the way I talk. I'm sorry your father never taught you the meaning of repugnant. He was too busy smashing your head against the wall of your trailer while you apologized for being alive."
Both of them stopped breathing.
Gansey knew he'd gone too far. It was too far, too late, too much.

— Maggie Stiefvater

If you're not trying to be real, you don't have to get it right. That's art.

— Andy Warhol

It's peculiar what you remember when you're not trying.

— Chuck Klosterman

I let Richard walk out on me. I think he'd have gone anyway, but I just sat on the floor and watched him go. I didn't stand in his way. I figured it was his choice, and you cant hold someone if they don't want to be held. If someone really wants to be free of you, you have to let them go. Well, fuck that, fuck that all to hell. Don't go, Asher, please, don't go. I love the way your hair shines in the light. I love that way you smile when you're not trying to hide or impress anyone. I love your laughter. I love the way your voice can hold sorrow like the taste of rain. I love the way you watch Jean-Claude when he moves through a room, when you don't think anyone's watching, because its exactly the way I watch him. I love your eyes. I love your pain. I love you.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough.

— Jillian Michaels

Your style is who you are when you're not trying to be clever or better than you actually are.

— John Currin

[Making movies] you're not trying to capture reality, you're trying to capture a photograph of reality.

— Stanley Kubrick

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