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You're Just Jealous Quotes

Youre walking funny," Lucy said, a shit-eating grin on her face. Five days of out of this world sex with a starving man could do that to a girl. "Youre just jealous." Brenna pushed through the door into DarkRivers business HQ. Lucy made a mournful face. "Yes, I am. Goddamn but your man is hot. And he smiles at you! Ive seen him do it, even if no one believes me.
— Nalini Singh —

You're just jealous."
"Hardly. Been there, done you. Adequate, but unremarkable.

— Jennifer Estep

Julian was always trying to convince her that E.T. had already visited Earth multiple times. One night in Dolores Park, while they were hanging out on the swings in the playground, Julian told her about meeting an alien abductee in Golden Gate Park the weekend before.
"He had an implant in his lower back - he totally showed me the scar and everything," Julian said [ ... ].
"Yeah, I'm sure that's what he was showing you."[ ... ]
"You're just jealous you didn't get to see his ass.

— Malinda Lo

You're just jealous," I said.
"You can believe what you want," Aaron said. "But somebody's stealing from the Grimm Collection. They're either taking the objects or somehow sucking out their magic. Doc and theh librarians are going to find out who, and if Marc is in on it, you're going to be sorry you were helping him."
"Marc isn't in on it. And I love this place too! We're all on the same side!"
"I hope that's true," Aaron said.

— Polly Shulman

Sandwiches, and drink mint juleps with the best of them." "If you want to dress in drag and do the job for me, you are more than welcome to," I'd replied in a sweet, syrupy tone. "You're just jealous that I would rock a garden dress way better than you ever could," he'd countered. "I'm frightened that you even know what a garden dress is." "Oh, baby," Finn had crooned. "I know all about the finer things in life-and the ladies who enjoy them. I happen to be one of those finer things, you know." "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

— Jennifer Estep

You're getting angry, you know I can see. You're just jealous, cause you can't be me.

— Madonna Ciccone

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