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You Reach A Point Quotes

You reach a point in life where you realize that you might as well do what you need to do, because your being loved or not being loved is really a function of the people you encounter and not of yourself. That is an immensely liberating insight.
— Erica Jong —

Do you guys ever reach the point of drunkenness where you're so drunk you're like "I better keep drinking to sober up" and then you're like "you know, I recognise that that is not how it works. But ...

— Hannah Hart

Did it ever occur to you, Charlie, that tolerance can reach a point where it is no longer tolerance? When that happens, the noble-sounding attitude on which most of us pride ourselves degenerates into weakness and acquiescence.

— Grace Metalious

Maybe other writers have perfect first drafts, but I am not one of them. I always try to get the book as tight as I can, but you reach a point as the author where you have lost all perspective.

— Sarah Dessen

When I reach out, you take my hand. 
When I smile, you mirror the expression.
When I triumph, you glory as if it were your own.
When I fail, you point to the light at the end.
When I need, you tenderly provide.
When I cry, you kiss away my tears.
When I suffer, you bleed.
And you wonder why I love you?

— Richelle E. Goodrich

You reach a point in your career when the weeks turn into a month or more of the phone not ringing.

— Sam J. Jones

I think this happens to a lot of people, men and women, where you reach a point in your life and all of a sudden realize that things have changed. You suddenly realize that people are coming up behind you, that maybe somebody might want to replace you for less money.

— Callie Khouri

Anyway, we were at the party, and Magnus got this alert about necromantic magic near the L.A. Institute, and he tried to reach Malcolm, but no luck. So we snuck out, the four of us. Which is a big loss to the party if you ask me, because I was going to give a toast and it was goin to be glorious. Simon would never bee able to show his face in public again."
"Not really the point of an engagement toast, Jace," Clary said.

— Cassandra Clare

There is a point you reach, I mean, when you are just something bad that happened to someone else.

— Steve Almond

What is it?'
'Nothing,' he said, and put his arm around her.
'You sighed.'
'I'd like to be further along than I am.'
She snuggled against his side. 'I know that feeling. But don't we make progress in fits and starts? Nothing happens for a long time, then suddenly we get a surprise, have an encounter, reach a decision point, and we're no longer the same as we were before.

— Bernhard Schlink

You reach a point where you say you're not going to do juveniles any longer.

— Ron Howard

But if anyone were to conduct his life by reason He would find great riches in living a peaceful life And being contented; one is never short of a little But men want always to be powerful and famous So that their fortune rests on a solid foundation And they can spend a placid life in opulence. There isn't a hope of it; to attain great honours You have to struggle along a dangerous way And even when you reach the top there is envy Which can strike you down like lightning into Tartarus. For envy, like lightning, generally strikes at the top Or any point which sticks out from the ordinary level.

— Lucretius

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