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You Re Cute Quotes

You stole five cars. Instead of going into prison or juvenile detention, you endured nothing more than volunteer work. Now that you are paying back your legal fees, which were not inconsiderable, perhaps you need to suffer more in your service. Its good for the soul." "Suffering is good for the soul? Youre sitting in your cute little office drinking your gross-ass tea that smells like bacon-" "Its Lapsang souchong." "Its disgusting. Youre drinking disgusting tea and writing homilies in your room-temperature office while I"m dying in there. I dont see you suffering." "I have suffered. My suffering has ended." "Did you find Jesus?" "No, I found you.
— Tiffany Reisz —

Confidence is very sexy. You could be not cute at all and have such confidence.

— Kirsten Dunst

You were cute in a tutu." Desiree scowled. "Why don't you ever forget shit?" She turned on her heel without waiting for an answer. "Should've been an elephant instead of a leopard.

— Nalini Singh

The American fantasy of love is the 'meet-cute,' 'Love at first sight,' and 'You had me at hello!' The completely spontaneous version of accidental love, which doesn't care about demographics and social compatibility.

— Susan Straight

There are certain expectations that are put on you as a child actor, but mainly it's just turn up and say your lines with a lot of energy and a cute smile.

— Naomie Harris

See, my idea of cute comes with an IQ requirement. It's geeky cute. It's Rivers Cuomo, not Justin Timberlake. It's Gideon Yago, not Brian Mcfayden. Jimmy Fallon, yes please! Brad Pitt, no thank you.

— Megan McCafferty

I think a lot of people on Twitter say, 'Oh you're really cute. I want to adopt you,' and things like that, yeah.

— Maisie Williams

Shigure Sohma: Tohru's very cute in a sweet sort of way.
Hatori Sohma: For some reason when you say that it reeks of something illegal.

— Natsuki Takaya

I didn't know. All I know was that the sex was terrific. And that the hippie was cute. She loved sweet pickles. She liked the name Willie. She even liked Apocalypse Now. She was not a vegeterian. These were all on the plus side. But, once I introduced her to my friends, at the time, and they were all stuck-up asshole Lit majors and they made fun of her and she understoond what was going on and her eyes, usually blue, too blue, vacant, were sad. And I protected her. I took her away from them. ('Spell Pynchon,' they asked her, cracking up.) And she introduced me to her friends. And we ended up sitting on some Japanese pillows in her room and we all smoked some pot and this little hippie girl with a wreath on her head, looked at me as I held her and said, The world blows my mind'. And you know what?
I fucked her anyway.

— Bret Easton Ellis

If you're seen as beautiful or sexy then your only options in terms of character descriptions are beautiful, sexy, cute - and that's it. And that affords you a certain amount of opportunity but that opportunity ultimately leads to a spark, never a flame.

— Amber Heard

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