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I was only a child when I learned how to fly I wanted to touch the colors of the bleeding sun and then I fell from the sky You never saw me again not even when I returned you never noticed my broken heart or how my wings were burned But if they tell you they saw me do a swan dive off that bridge Remember Ive always been more afraid to die than I ever was to live And on the day I disappear Youll all forget I was ever here Ill float around from coast to coast And sing about how you made me a ghost. —Douglas J. Blackman, "The Day I Became a Ghost"
— Tiffanie DeBartolo —

Don't ever leave me again. Love only me, for the rest of our lives. Move into our house, make love to me every night, and make babies with me, Elli. Please, because being with you made me a better man, and I could never love anyone the way I love you. So please, marry me.

— Toni Aleo

I'm your responsiblity now. You created me. You made me this way. This is your fucking mess. If you suddenly care about morality, then don't make me go. Let me stay. I'll be your slave. I'll be your whore. I'll never fight you. I won't disobey. Whatever you want, just don't make me go back. Please. I can't live in that world anymore. You know it's true. I just want to be yours.

— Kitty Thomas

[Parker] "We know why I kissed you last night, Maris."
"To frighten me off."
He frowned. "That doesn't even merit an argument. I kissed you because you braved Terry's and showed up everybody in the place, including me. I kissed you because just looking at you made me ache. I kissed you because I'm a rotten son of a bitch and your mouth looked so goddamn kissable. Simply put, I kissed you because I wanted to. It's something I admit and you damn well know. But there is one question that's driving me fucking crazy."
His eyes focused harder on hers and, by doing so, penetrated. "Why did you kiss me back?

— Sandra Brown

And of all these things
I'm sure of
I'm not quite certain
Of your love
And you made me scream
But then I made you cry
When I left that little bird
With its broken leg to die

— Ed-Sheeran

The pain is just a subtle reminder of how alive you made me feel.

— Cassia Leo

You knew all along?"
"Not all along," Penelope said. "But a long. At least since fifth year, when you insisted we follow Baz around the castle every other day. You made me go to all of his football games."
"To make sure he wasn't cheating," Simon said, out of habit.
"Right," Penelope said. "I was starting to wonder whether you'd ever figure it out. You have figured it out, haven't you?"
Simon felt himself smiling and blushing, not for the first time this week. Not for the fiftieth. "Yeah ...

— Rainbow Rowell

You are my wings. You made me fly.

— Pepper Winters

You made me laugh at your jokes.
You made me cry at your criticism.
You made me shout at your lies.
Then I noticed how in every case someone else was present,
hearing you without laughter or tears or anger.
I alone reacted.
I see now; you never made me laugh or cry or rage.
I chose to find humor.
I chose to take offense.
I chose to feel scorned.
The truth is, you never had power over me.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

She put a hand on his hip and turned him to her. "But things could go wrong, so i want to tell you something while it's just the two of us, Eddie. I want to tell you how much I love you." She spoke simply, with no drama.
I know you do," he said, "but I'll be damned if I know why."
Because you made me feel whole," she said. "When I was younger, I used to vacillate between thinking love was this great and glorious mystery and thinking it was just something a bunch of Hollywood move producers made up to sell more tickets in the Depression, when Dish Night kind of played out."
Eddie laughed.
Now I think that all of us are born with a hole in our hearts, and we go around looking for the person who can fill it. You ... Eddie, you fill me up.

— Stephen King

I am society's child. This is how they made me and now I'm sayin' what's on my mind and they don't want that. This is what you made me, America.

— Tupac Shakur

She takes a step toward me and slides her hands between my folded arms, pushing against them until they unlock. "Daniel Wesley you owe me a do-over since you made me kiss you in a crowded restaurant right next to a dirty diaper."
"It wasn't crowded," I interject.
She glares at me. "Put your hands on my face and push me against this wall and slip me some tongue! Now!"
Before she can laugh at herself, my hands are casing her face and her back is pressed against the wall of her house and my mouth is on hers.

— Colleen Hoover

Truly, if you were to tear me limb from limb and separate my soul from my body, I would not say anything more. If I did say anything, afterwards I would always declare that you made me say it by force!

— Joan Of Arc

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