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You Have Changed My Life Quotes

The joy I get from winning a major championship doesnt even compare to the feeling I get when a kid writes a letter saying: Thank you so much. You have changed my life.
— Tiger Woods —

But Wyatt, the humiliation. Why? Why would God let him do this? It's a cruel turn when he's been so good his whole life. Why would God destroy his reputation for wisdom and good sense now?"
"I don't pretend to know God's purpose, but just look at how dealing with him has made you stronger. Look how you've changed. If he hadn't needed help, you would have never come to Missouri. You would've stayed in Boston and lived the life you'd always lived, and I would've never met you." He cupped the back of her head and held her against him. "God is still at work. He hasn't forgotten you, or your grandpa.

— Regina Jennings

It was like the sun had appeared again in my life, Sophia, You. You changed everything when you stepped into that room. You have a freshness, a strength, an allure, I've never seen before. The way you walk, talk, hold yourself. The way you move your hands, these long red nails. You've become the light of my life.

— Cristiane Serruya

I try to go throughout my daily life just as if nothing has changed, but you don't have much anonymity anymore, which feels really good. People come up, and say hi and they enjoy your work.

— Adam Lambert

I have had the most wonderful time on 'EastEnders' and I will miss you all. The show has changed my life and I want you all to continue the good work, because I'll be at home watching you.

— Barbara Windsor

I think this happens to a lot of people, men and women, where you reach a point in your life and all of a sudden realize that things have changed. You suddenly realize that people are coming up behind you, that maybe somebody might want to replace you for less money.

— Callie Khouri

Those are life-and-death-type experiences he goes through in the mines. Eventually he gets out and goes back to his old life. But nothing in the novel shows he learned anything from these experiences, that his life changed, that he thought deeply now about the meaning of life or started questioning society or anything. You don't get any sense, either, that he's matured. You have a strange feeling after you finish the book. It's like you wonder what Soseki was trying to say. It's like not really knowing what he's getting at is the part that stays with you.

— Haruki Murakami

I speak about family and adoption because it 100% changed my life and who I am. It definitely played a very large role into just learning how to be grateful for what you have and being fulfilled in a way that a lot of adopted kids don't feel.

— Jenna Ushkowitz

[ ... ]
"I recall what you said to me once," Will went on. "That words have the power to change us. Your words have changed me, Tess; they have made me a better man than I would have been otherwise. Life is a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not read. I would read them together with you, as many as I can, before I die -

— Cassandra Clare

I love discourse. I'm dying to have my mind changed. I'm probably the only liberal who read Treason, by Ann Coulter. I want to know, you understand? I like listening to everybody. This to me is the elixir of life.

— Jack Nicholson

If your inner being changes, your whole outer life will be totally different. It will have a different fragrance, a different beauty, a different grace. And when your inner being is changed and becomes a flame of light, you will become a light unto others too. You will become a beckoning light, a great herald of a new dawn. Your very presence will trigger revolutions in other people's lives.

— Rajneesh

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