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You Are A Champion Quotes

Hes got one of the best chins Ive ever hit in my life. I was catching him and he was smiling at me, he was eating them. Hes a great fighter, hell be champion one day.
— David Haye —

People admire champions because they make life look easy ... so work hard and be a champion!

— Uzoma Nnadi

I would be more than her guardian and her champion and the jester who made her laugh. I would be her everything, if I could. -Puck

— Julie Kagawa

The hunger has come back now because I want to be a double Olympic champion. I want to be a legend.

— Jade Jones

The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion.

— Jean-Claude Killy

I don't champion the idea of being in a Hollywood movie. I never had fun in one of them.

— Armand Assante

I don't want ever to be champion again.

— Boris Spassky

Good writers practice. They take time to write, crafting and editing a piece until it's just right. They spend hours and days just revising.  Good writers take criticism on the chin and say "thank you" to helpful feedback; they listen to both the external and internal voices that drive them. And they use it all to make their writing better. They're resigned to the fact that first drafts suck and that the true mark of a champion is a commitment to the craft. It's not about writing in spurts of inspiration. It's about doing the work, day-in and day-out. Good writers push through because they believe in what they're doing. They understand this is more than a profession or hobby. It's a calling, a vocation.

— Jeff Goins

[you'll acquire] A certain amount of cynicism. This business works on you. When you were in law school you had some noble idea what a lawyer should be. A champion of individual rights; a defender of the Constitution; a guardian of the oppressed; an advocate for your client's principles. Then after you practice for six months you realize you were nothing but hired guns. Mouthpieces for sale to the highest bidder, available to anybody, any crook, any sleazebag with enough money to pay your outrageous fees. Nothing shocks you. It's supposed to be an honorable profession, but you'll meet so many crooked lawyers you'll want to quit and find an honest job. Yeah Mitch, you'll get cynical. And it's sad, really.

— John Grisham

To be a tennis champion, you have to be inflexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost.

— Chris Evert

The Olympics is a special event and winning is very important. For me as a world record holder and world champion, the only thing I am missing is the Olympic gold medal and that is what I want to achieve in my career.

— David Rudisha

I've always been working just to be a world champion and it's a dream come true.

— Yohan Blake

We Liberal Democrats don't believe we should use the tax structure to champion just one type of family.

— Charles Kennedy

I happen to be a three-time former WWF Champion and a hardcore legend, and I never had my own dressing room.

— Mick Foley

It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a champion.

— Norman Vincent Peale

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