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When I learn martial arts, my master will have me try a punch for a week and he will keep saying, No, you dont have it. No, thats not right. When he finally says, Yes, you did it, its a wonderful moment. You worked on it. You got it.
— Milla Jovovich —

With this book I hope what I always hope-that readers will nod their heads (not constantly, you know, but at the odd juncture) and think, "Yes, that's exactly right." This is why we write, and this is why we read. It's an act of communication, and if what you're communicating is true-if you haven't screwed it up (and there are so many ways to do that)-the response of your ideal reader isn't "Wow! What a fabulous sentence!" or "Wow! I did not know that!" It's "Yes. Exactly. I felt that too once, and I forgot it until now, and I thought I was the only one.

— Jincy Willett

When I love, I love with everything within me."
Seeing him with his child, this was obvious. Did he mean ... yes, he meant exactly what he said, and it was like he wanted her to know it went much deeper than only with his child. That whatever he loved, he loved with everything inside of him. "I sense that about you, Tristan. Your actions and words are heartfelt.

— Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

How can you still love me after everything I've done to you?" "How can I not? You're the fucking love of my life. You don't stop loving someone just because they've hurt you. Yes, what you did hurt me, but I gain nothing if I stay angry with you. But I might gain everything by forgiving you. You're my everything. I just want you back.

— Cassia Leo

And what does he feel?"
"He feels uneasy. A little afaid. Angry. Oddly, a hint of pride."
"Good," Henry said. "ANd where are you?"
Henry shook his head gravely. "THere's no such thing as backstage. The play begins, and there's only the world it dramatizes. Now, where are you?"
"With my father, the president. In his chambers."
"Right. With me. Your father. And now
this is important
do you love me?"
Nelson considered this; or rather, Nelson, as Alejo, considered this.
"Yes," he said after a moment. "I do."
"Good. Remember that. In every scene
even when you hate me, you also love me. That's why it hurts. Got it?"
Nelson said that he did.
"Are you sure?"
"Good. Because it does hurt," Henry said. "DOn't forget that. It's supposed to. Always.

— Daniel Alarcón

You will have memories
Because of what we did back then
When we were new at this,
Yes, we did many things, then - all
Beautiful ...

— Sappho

I know you don't believe me, but I really have loved you since we were kids," he said quietly.
"And now I get to love you 'til we're old."
My stomach fluttered. No one else had ever loved me as much as he did. "Promise?"
Trenton smiled with tired eyes. "Yes. And then I'll promise you again after I dance around in a
thong to Britney Spears.

— Jamie McGuire

She stood still a moment, watching him, and he had no idea at all what she was thinking. Finally she laughed quietly, gesturing with her free hand at the marble figure. "It's a minotaur. I suppose that's appropriate." He looked at the figure, all horns and massive shoulders. "The monster in the maze?" "Yes." She turned in the dark to face him, and all he could see was the limned starlight on her cheek, the glimmer of the reflected moon in her eyes. "Indio thought you were a monster at first. Did I ever tell you?" He shook his head slowly. "Am I still a monster to you?" "No." She reached up to trace his eyebrow. "You're not ... that. You never were, really.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

The salamander flared, etching the room with searing white light and dark shadows.
Otto screamed. He fell to the floor, clutching at his throat. He sprang to his feet, goggle-eyed and gasping, and staggered, knock-kneed and wobbly-legged, the length of the room and back again. He sank down behind a desk , scattering paperwork with a wildly flailing hand.
"Aarghaarghaaaargh ... "
There was a shocked silence.
Otto stood up, adjusted his cravat, and dusted himself off. Only then did he look up at the row of shocked faces.
"Vel?" he said sternly. "Vat are you all looking at? It is just a normal reaction, zat is all. I am vorking on it. Light in all its forms is mine passion. Light is my canvas, shadows are my brush."
But strong light hurts you!" said Sacharissa. "It hurts vampires!"
"Yes. It iss a bit of a bugger, but zere you go.

— Terry Pratchett

It didn't work," said the King. "The cloak of invisibility didn't work."
"Yes, it did," said the Royal Wizard.
"No, it didn't," said the King. "I kept bumping into things, the same as ever."
"The cloak is supposed to make you invisible," said the Royal Wizard. "It is not supposed to keep you from bumping into things."
"All I know is, I kept bumping into things," said the King.

— James Thurber

Nathaniel's trying to get hold of it right now.
All very well, but could he use-Wait a minute! The radiant features of the boy contorted, slipped out of true, as if the condoling intelligence had drawn back in shock; an instant later they were as perfect as before. Let's get this straight. He told you his name?
Yes. Now
I like that ... I like that! He's been giving me gyp for years, simply because I could have spilled the beans, and now he's telling any old broad he meets, free of charge! Who else knows? Faquarl? Nouda? Did he deck his name out in neon lights and parade it round the town? I ask you! And I never told anyone!
You let it slip last time I summoned you.
Well, apart from that.
But you could have told his enemies, couldn't you, Bartimaeus? You'd have found a way to harm him if you'd really wished it. And Nathaniel knows that too, I think. I had a talk with him.

— Jonathan Stroud

Private Zombie, did your mother have any children that lived?"
"Sir! Yes, sir!"
"I bet when you were born she took one look at you and tried to shove you back in!

— Rick Yancey

Yes, it's annoying that Hamlet doesn't kill his stepfather ten minutes into the play, but if he did kill his stepfather ten minutes into the play, there wouldn't be a play. He has to be annoying, if you will, and not do what would be the thing to do.

— Dallas Roberts

Felicity glanced at him, then looked out toward the lane again. 'Why did you hit Mr. Fields?'
That was a question he preferred not to answer until he'd thought his motivations over more thoroughly - yet he was familiar enough with Lis to know she'd insist on an answer. 'He ... insinuated some things I didn't appreciate.'
'Some things that were true, perhaps?' ...
'Then why-'
'If he knew me, or cared in the least, he wouldn't have said them. Quin didn't.

— Suzanne Enoch

Do not be sad. Or think Adieu. Never Adieu. We will watch the sun set again - many times, and perhaps we'll see the Emerald Drop, the green flash that brings good fortune. And you must laugh and chatter as you used to do - telling me about the battle off the Saints or the picnic at Marie Galante - that famous picnic that turned into a fight. Or the pirates and what they did between voyages. For every voage might be their last. Sun and sangoree's a heady mixture. Then - the earthquake. Oh yes, people say that god was angry at the things they did, woke from his sleep, one breath and they were gone.

— Jean Rhys

I did not think I had been so old,' said Margaret after a pause of silence; and she turned away sighing. 'Yes!' said Mr. Bell. 'It is the first changes among familiar things that make such a mystery of time to the young, afterwards we lose the sense of the mysterious. I take changes in all I see as a matter of course. The instability of all human things is familiar to me, to you it is new and oppressive.

— Elizabeth Gaskell

I was a novelist first. But in the mid-'80s, I did work in television for ten years. And yes, that was frequently the reaction to my scripts. People would say, 'You know, George, this is great. We love it, a terrific script, but it would cost five times our budget to shoot this.'

— George R.R. Martin

MAIA. -all the glory of the world? Yes, you did. And all that glory should be mine, you said.

— Henrik Ibsen

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