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Wrongs Quotes

But, as my mother used to tell me, two wrongs dont make a right. But I soon figured out that three left turns do.
— Jim Hightower —

What was I was dying for? The sins of the past? The wrongs of the present? Did it even matter?

— Dana Michelle Burnett

It's a difficult truth to face that some people choose to define themselves by the pain they feel or the wrongs they've suffered. They're not going through hard times so much as making all times hard.

— Dani Harper

She [Madame Duvall] seems desirious to repair the wrongs she has done, yet wishes the world to believe her blameless.

— Fanny Burney

So, you may ask, what is the use of studying the world of imagination where anything is possible and anything can be assumed, where there are no rights or wrongs and all arguments are equally good? One of the most obvious uses, I think, is its encouragement of tolerance. In the imagination our own beliefs are also only possibilities, but we can also see the possibilities in the beliefs of others. Bigots and fanatics seldom have any use for the arts, because they're so preoccupied with their beliefs and actions that they can't see them as also possibilities. It's possible to go to the other extreme, to be a dilettante so bemused by possibilities that one has no convictions or power to act at all. But such people are much less common than bigots, and in our world much less dangerous.

— Northrop Frye

As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and if no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.

— Clarence Darrow

You-" Mr Bellstrode began, and then leaning forward and sinking his voice, "You would kill for money?"
"Is there any other reason to? Well, I suppose there is revenge, but that, you know, never makes one feel as well as it should when it is all said and done. Money is a much better reward than retribution. Something substantial by way of compensation for emotional wrongs is much the best cure for an injured spirit. I do provide fatal retaliation for nothing when it is deserved, but as you are neither a poor helpless wretch nor the victim of national injustice, full payment is expected.

— Michelle Franklin

It was so much simpler to see other people's wrongs and make them pay. It was so much harder to have compassion, to see yourself in others and find forgiveness.

— Lisa Unger

But, as my mother used to tell me, two wrongs don't make a right. But I soon figured out that three left turns do.

— Jim Hightower

History is full of wrongs done the wife by legal robbery on the part of the husband. I hesitate not to assert that most of this crime of child murder, abortion, infanticide, lies at the door of the male sex.

— Matilda Joslyn Gage

When someone wrongs you, walk away from them and don't ever look back.

— RuPaul

No privileged order ever did see the wrongs of its own victims ...

— Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The States should be watchful to note every material usurpation on their rights; to denounce them as they occur in the most peremptory terms; to protest against them as wrongs to which our present submission shall be considered, not as acknowledgments or precedents of rights, but as a temporary yielding to the lesser evil, until their accumulation shall overweigh that of separation.

— Thomas Jefferson

Some suffering is given in order to chastise and correct a person for wrongful patterns of life (as in the case of Jonah imperiled by the storm), some suffering is given not to correct past wrongs but to prevent future ones (as in the case of Joseph sold into slavery), and some suffering has no purpose other than to lead a person to love God more ardently for himself alone and so discover the ultimate peace and freedom.

— Timothy Keller

Under the specious pretext of effecting 'the happiness of the whole community,' nearly all the wrongs and intrusions of government has been carried through.

— Walt Whitman

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