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Why Hurt Me Quotes

Why do people always think hurting others is all right, as long as they hurt themselves as well?
— Akhil Sharma —

Why do people assume? If I hate you, I'll tell you. In this case, it's not hate. It's hurt. I'll lick my wounds, which only oozed because I gave a damn, and be over it before the sun rises.

— Donna Lynn Hope

Most of us are good. Most of us mean well. But we somehow manage to hurt each other anyway. Don't ask me why.

— Drew Magary

And the truth is I feel so angry, and the truth is I feel so fucking sad, and the truth is I've felt so fucking hurt for so fucking long and for just as long I've been pretending I'm OK, just to get along, just for, I don't know why, maybe because no one wants to hear about my misery, because they have their own. Well, fuck everybody. Amen.

— Charlie Kaufman

You know that I hate you, Roark. I hate you for what you are, for wanting you, for having to want you. I'm going to fight you-and I'm going to destroy you-and I tell you this as calmly as I told you that I'm a begging animal. I'm going to pray that you can't be destroyed-I tell you this, too-even though I believe in nothing and have nothing to pray to. But I will fight to block every step you take. I will fight to tear every chance you want away from you. I will hurt you through the only thing that can hurt you-through your work. I will fight to starve you, to strangle you on the things you won't be able to reach. I have done it to you to today-and that is why I shall sleep with you tonight. Part 2, Chapter 7, pg. 272-3 The Fountainhead

— Ayn Rand

I don't know how it happened, and I don't know why, but this
what she and I have
it's solid. You don't need to worry about her. I'd rather cut off my own arms than hurt a single purple hair on her head. I'll look after her.

— Ella Frank

Because she is in God's hands.' But if so, she was in God's hands all the time, and I have seen what they did to her here. Do they suddenly become gentler to us the moment we are out of the body? And if so, why? If God's goodness is inconsistent with hurting us, then either God is not good or there is no God: for in the only life we know He hurts us beyond our worst fears and beyond all we can imagine. If it is consistent with hurting us, then He may hurt us after death as unendurably as before it.

— C.S. Lewis

Why don't you get to the point," she drawled. "I want to have a few hours of sleep tonight." Not a lie. With every breath, exhaustion wrapped tighter around her bones.
"I would have thought," Arobynn said, "given how close you two were and your abilities, that you'd somehow be able to sense it. Or at least hear of it, considering what he was accused of."
The prick was enjoying every second of this. If Dorian was dead or hurt
"Your cousin Aedion has been imprisoned for treason-for conspiring with the rebels here in Rifthold to depose the king and put you back on the throne."
The world stopped.
Stopped, and started, then stopped again.

— Sarah J. Maas

I did everything by the seat of my pants. That's why I got hurt so much.

— Evel Knievel

People who go into the arts are often hurt people. Many are manic-depressive. Some have tried suicide and some have succeeded. It's just part of the game. We are people who are oversensitive. That's why we're in this business, because of our need to communicate.

— Mandy Patinkin

Why are you being so mean?" "Friends tell friends the truth." "yeah, but not to hurt, to help.

— Laurie Halse Anderson

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