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What Did We Learn Quotes

Writers want to summarize: What does this mean? What did we learn from this? Thats a very 19th-century way of thinking about art, because it assumes that it should make our lives better or teach us something.
— Laurie Anderson —

It killed humans, therefore it was a weapon. But radiation killed humans, and a medical X-ray machine wasn't intended as a weapon. Holden was starting to feel like they were all monkeys playing with a microwave. Push a button, a light comes on inside, so it's a light. Push a different button and stick your hand inside, it burns you, so it's a weapon. Learn to open and close the door, it's a place to hide things. Never grasping what it actually did, and maybe not even having the framework necessary to figure it out. No monkey ever reheated a frozen burrito.

— James S.A. Corey

If our testimonies are strong onthis point and if we feel the absolute assurance that God loves us, we will change our questons. We won't ask, 'Why did this happen?' or 'Why doesn't God care about me?' Instead, our questions will become, 'What can I learn from this experience?' or 'How does the Lord want me to handle this?

— John Bytheway

So, what did you learn?
Curiosity asked the Cat, then
poked her carcass with a stick.

— Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

I think the first thing is don't give up. If you love the craft. If you love being a detective and discovering who a character is and the detail of how they walk and what kind of shoes they wear and what did they do yesterday and what's important to them. I definitely advise actors to learn about the craft.

— Lin Shaye

I'll tell you what I did need to learn was tolerance, and I think I've been actually given a daily opportunity to practice that, and it's - it's - and I know that that sounds almost like a backhanded slap, and it is in a way because I haven't been successful at it every day.

— Mel Gibson

Sometimes the best way to learn something is by doing it wrong and looking at what you did.

— Neil Gaiman

She had never believed in fate. She still did not. It would be nonsense of freedom of will and choice, and it was through such freedom that we worked our way through life and learned what we needed to learn. But sometimes, it seemed to her, there was something, some sign, to nudge one along in a certain direction. What one chose to do with that nudge was up to that person.

— Mary Balogh

If your neighbors did an analysis of your life, what would they learn about the kingdom?

— Michael Frost

The audience might not be the size of Facebook, but how much time can you spend online and think, 'What did I just learn?

— Chris Hughes

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