Wednesday Love Quotes

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Wednesday Love Quotes

I love the satisfaction of living in a world on a Wednesday where a song didnt exist that youre going to create on a Thursday thats going to change somebodys life, possibly, youre creating that from nothing.
— Noel Gallagher —

I ... can't go to dinner with you on Wednesday."
"It's almost four in the morning, Abby. What's going on?"
"I can't see you at all, actually."
"Abs ... "
"I'm ... pretty sure I'm in love with Travis," I said, bracing for his reaction.

— Jamie McGuire

I'm sorry for calling you so early, but this couldn't wait. I can't go to dinner with you on Wednesday."
"I can't see you at all actually."
"I'm ... pretty sure I'm in love with Travis.

— Jamie McGuire

Here's my image of Ash Wednesday: If our lives were a long piece of  fabric with our baptism on one end and our funeral on another, and we don't know the distance between the two, then Ash Wednesday is a time when that fabric is pinched in the middle and the ends are held up so that our baptism in the past and our funeral in the future meet. The water and words from our baptism plus the earth and words from our funerals have come from the past and future to meet us in the present. And in that meeting we are reminded of the promises of  God: That we are God's, that there is no sin, no darkness, and yes, no grave that God will not come to find us in and love us back to life.

— Nadia Bolz-Weber

There,' said Wednesday, 'is one who "does not have the faith and will not have the fun". Chesterton. Pagan indeed. So. Shall we go out onto the street, Easter my dear, and repeat the exercise? Find out how many passers-by know that their Easter festival takes its name from Eostre of the Dawn? Let's see - I have it. We shall ask a hundred people. For every one that knows the truth, you may cut off one of my fingers, and when I run out of them, toes; for every twenty who don't know you spend a night making love to me. And the odds are certainly in your favour here - this is San Francisco, after all. There are heathens and pagans and Wiccans aplenty on these precipitous streets.

— Neil Gaiman

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