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We Had A Blast Quotes

One blast?" On his shoulder, his raven sat fluffed and silent, looking miserable. "One, my lord," Jon agreed. "Brothers returning." Mormont
— George R.R. Martin —

She dug around in her bag, found what she was looking for, and brought the little stuffed dog back to bed with her. Childish, yeah. She didn't care. He was soft and cuddly-unlike Jones-and she had a need for soft and cuddly right now. She'd like to meet a woman who could breeze through a shotgun blast and not need something to hold on to. Even if it was just an old stuffed pup.( ... )She swallowed hard,then caught her breath when he opened his eyes, turned his head on the pillow toward her. He searched her face in the dark.
"Come here," he whispered.
When she hesitated, he reached for her. "The dog can come, too.

— Cindy Gerard

Girl is not a toy to play .
She is a bomb to blast your life. So Be careful ...

— Yakoob Khan

Imagining Janet Albright, Matt Kensington's terrifying admin, and Max Ackerman, his limo driver, as a couple wasn't as unlikely a vision as he'd expected. In fact, it might be a mighty interesting combination. 'Course, an explosion was interesting-if you wer outside the blast zone.

— Joey W. Hill

The skies were overcast. As the carriage rumbled along, Rafe watched the shadows weave in and out, dance over and around her as she gazed out the window. And blast it all if he didn't envy their ability to touch her so lightly.

— Lorraine Heath

You're shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon? Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy!

— Jeaniene Frost

I love my sponsors. They make things so much fun for me. We do really fun and exciting things, so I always have a blast. It doesn't ever seem like work.

— Lexi Thompson

It's a blast to watch. It's a lot more interesting live than it is on record. I mean, it really is a theatrical event. It's a sporting event! Cause you never know what's gonna happen.

— John Zorn

The impious man, who sells his country's freedom
Makes all the guilt of tyranny his own.
His are her slaughters, her oppressions his;
Just heav'n! reserve your choicest plagues for him,
And blast the venal wretch.

— Henry Martyn

I like the phrase "shot heard 'round the world," and I don't think there's any doubt the Oklahoma City blast was heard around the world.

— Timothy McVeigh

The scent organ was playing a delightfully refreshing Herbal Capriccio - rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender, of rosemary, basil, myrtle, tarragon; a series of daring modulations through the spice keys into ambergris; and a slow return through sandalwood, camphor, cedar and newmown hay (with occasional subtle touches of discord - a whiff of kidney pudding, the faintest suspicion of pig's dung) back to the simple aromatics with which the piece began. The final blast of thyme died away; there was a round of applause; the lights went up.

— Aldous Huxley

So with the man who has daily inured himself to habits of concentrated attention, energetic volition, and self-denial in unnecessary things. He will stand like a tower when everything rocks around him, and when his softer fellow-mortals are winnowed like chaff in the blast.

— William James

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