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We Are Stardust Quotes

Every advance [in Science] will most likely tell us as much about ourselves as it will about the universe we inhabit. We are all collections of chemicals made in the cataclysmic explosions of stars; we are stardust, or nuclear waste, depending on your perspective.
— Michael Brooks —

She wanted to explain everything to him-how certain notes of the Moonlight Sonata shredded her heart like wind inside a paper bag; how her soul felt as endless and deep as the sea churning on their left; how the sight of the young Muslim couple filled her with an emotion that was equal parts joy and sadness; and above all, how she wanted a marriage that was different from the dead sea of marriages she saw all around her, how she wanted something finer, deeper, a marriage made out of silk and velvet instead of coarse cloth, a marriage made of clouds and stardust and red earth and ocean foam and moonlight and sonatas and books and art galleries and passion and kindness and sorrow and ecstasy and of fingers touching from under a burqua.

— Thrity Umrigar

When I was little, I thought it was terribly romantic, being half stardust, half Southern magnolia.

— Suzanne Palmieri

I am one of billions. I am stardust gathered fleetingly into form. I will be ungathered. The stardust will go on to be other things someday and I will be free.

— Laini Taylor

Folks around here like to say we came from the stars. Perhaps it's simpler to think of us not as human but as creatures made of stardust
that if you cut us, not blood but constellations will pour from out wounds.

— Leslye Walton

She was not a girl of ice and glass at all, but a girl of sunshine and stardust.

— Marissa Meyer

I would never do 'Stardust Memories' because I don't particularly like that kind of movie - that would be why I wouldn't do that.

— Adam McKay

Never forget your real identity. You are a luminous conscious stardust being forged in the crucible of cosmic fire.

— Deepak Chopra

All the atoms we are made of are forged from hydrogen in stars that died and exploded before our solar system formed. So if you are romantic, you can say we are literally stardust. If you are less romantic, you can say we're the nuclear waste from fuel that makes stars shine.

— Martin Rees

You are all stardust.

— Lawrence M. Krauss

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