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Walk Through Life Quotes

Some people, no matter how easy the path they are given on the walk of life, will find a way to mess it all up. Ray Levine was one of those people.
— Harlan Coben —

When you walk a life of honesty, you live a life of truth.

— Therese Benedict

Every family is different. I am mom and I am dad and I'm going to do my best. You should be proud, walk through life saying I have the coolest family. I am part of a modern family.

— Ricky Martin

In every profession and walk of life there is someone who is vulnerablle to temptation. (Mr. Barnes)

— Agatha Christie

Death is not the worst thing. It is His gift to us, and end to want and pain. On the day that we are born the Many-Faced God sends each of us a dark angel to walk through life beside us. When our sins and our sufferings grow to great to be borne, the angel takes us.

— George R.R. Martin

Life but like a cycle that you be riding,
You will fall if you ever stop peddling,
Life not of good cards you be holding,
But those held and how you be playing.
[68] - 4

— Munindra Misra

What an amazing thing to feel known and loved, to feel understood, to walk through life with another person.

— Jamie Tworkowski

All people, he thought with a sigh as he left the room, had their own demons to be fought-or not fought. Perhaps that was what life was all about. Perhaps life was a test to see how well we deal with our own particular demons, and how much sympathy we show others as they tread their own particular path through life.
You do not still hate her?" she asked as he moved her off to the side of the path for an open carriage that was coming toward them. "It is not easy to hate," he said, "when one has lived long enough to know that everyone has a difficult path to walk through life and does not always make wise or admirable choices. There are very few out-and-out villains, perhaps none. Though there are a few who come very close.

— Mary Balogh

My father once told me, and it's stuck with me to this day: As you walk through life, every time you fart it pushes you forward.

— Bob Saget

The manner with which we walk through life is each man's most important responsibility, and we should remember this with every new sunrise.

— Thomas Yellowtail

The leaders I met, whatever walk of life they were from, whatever institutions they were presiding over, always referred back to the same failure something that happened to them that was personally difficult, even traumatic, something that made them feel that desperate sense of hitting bottom-as something they thought was almost a necessity. It's as if at that moment the iron entered their soul; that moment created the resilience that leaders need.

— Warren G. Bennis

We must always meet our obligation to those who fall behind without our assistance. But let's remember, without a race there can be no champion, no records broken, no excellence - in education or any other walk of life.

— Ronald Reagan

Transcendental Meditation is not a religion, it's not against any religion, it's for human beings, no matter what color, what religion, what walk of life. If you're a human being, it will work for you. And you will be very glad you found this technique and took advantage of it.

— David Lynch

I want to walk through life.

— Alanis Morissette

Computing has gone from something tiny and specialized to something that affects every walk of life. It doesn't make sense anymore to think of it as just one discipline. I expect to see separate departments of user interface, for example, to start emerging at universities.

— Nathan Myhrvold

People see me doing something so all of the guys from my walk of life feel like if he can do it, I can do it. That just keeps spreading and spreading and spreading.

— T.I.

We cannot walk through life on mountain peaks.

— John Burroughs

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