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Unbelievable Person Quotes

I married my best friend, and I couldnt ask for anything more. Hes an unbelievable person.
— Jodie Sweetin —

If Stuart is a freak ... it is because he has had the superhuman strength not to be defeated by this isolation. It is because he has had the almost unbelievable social adroitness to be able to fit in smoothly with an educated, soft-skinned person like myself and not make me frightened half to death. If Stuart's a freak, I salute freaks.

— Alexander Masters

Convincing someone to believe something that was inherently unbelievable often meant getting that person to make a quick and easy comparison to something they already knew.

— Matthew Reilly

If we all helped one person, wouldn't the world be an unbelievable place?

— Hoda Kotb

Christian Grey - he isn't a real person. He's a superhero. A myth. He's like Bigfoot! He's unbelievable. He's unattainable. There's no actor in the world who could live up to that.

— Jamie Dornan

I married my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anything more. He's an unbelievable person.

— Jodie Sweetin

If you go to YouTube and look up 'grief' you can find them and it's just an unbelievable tool for an actor to be able to access, without being unethical. It's like accessing the deepest, most painful parts of a person.

— Aaron Eckhart

Ian's sense of right and wrong overwhelms me.
Not a single other person ... I know
possesses such an unshakable sense of morality.
Its more than unbelievable. It's frightening.
To offer without strings something all men crave,
and be rejected by him is incomprehensible.
Think I'll have to kick Kaeleigh's ass.
Does she have any idea what it means ... to be
so treasured? He has built a pedestal for her so tall
that she is afraid to be lifted atop it, because to fall
would mean certain death. But oh, she would rise
far, far beyond fear.

— Ellen Hopkins

As I go on in standup, I keep being described as cleaner and cleaner as I do each hour, they're like, 'It's unbelievable how clean,' 'He's the cleanest person in the world.' And then I'll do shows and people will be like, 'You're supposed to be so clean, but you're talking about cancer.'

— Jim Gaffigan

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