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Turn Up Party Quotes

It was a nightmare. Have you ever thrown a party and tried to get EXACTLY three dozen specifically qualified people to attend? Even if they RSVP, half of them never show up, right? And if enough people dont show up, you cant throw the party. So you have to recruit random people at the last minute who youve never met before to fill up the roster. And they turn out to be greedy eleven-year-olds from Estonia, who youre FORCED to keep around in order to limp through the evenings festivities, and . . . yeah. Just typing all that out gave me stress flashbacks.
— Felicia Day —

When I was a teenager, I looked at over-fifties with pity and unease: they walked too slow, they talked too slow, they watched TV instead of going out to movies and concerts, their idea of a great party was hotpot with the neighbors and tucked into bed after the eleven o'clock news. But-like most other fifty-, sixty-, and seventysomethings who are in relative good health-I didn't mind it so much when my turn came. Because the brain doesn't age, although its ideas about the world may harden and there's a greater tendency to run off at the mouth about how things were in the good old days.

— Stephen King

I've often stood silent at a party for hours listening to my movie idols turn into dull and little people.

— Marilyn Monroe

You will ask how I felt about spending so much time with people who supported the Hitler regime. I will tell you that, since I had absolutely no choice in the matter, I no longer dared to think about it. To be in Germany at that time, pretending to be an Aryan, meant that you automatically socialized with Nazis. To me, they were all Nazis, whether they belonged to the party or not. For me to have made distinctions at that time-to say Hilde was a "good" Nazi and the registrar was a "bad" Nazi-would have been silly and dangerous, because the good ones could turn you in as easily and capriciously as the bad ones could save your life.

— Edith Hahn Beer

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