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Try Even If You Fail Quotes

If you believe something will make the world better, then its always worth a try, even if you fail.
— Sierra St. James —

Well i finally got u back even though it took a while but you can bet that it was worth it cause now i can start to smile.
I long to have u near me, just to see your face things that we both wanted but to afraid to tell each such.
You took me under your wings and shared your love with me.You make me feel importent the way I want to be.
Our love will last forever while you stand by my side so please don't try to fail me now cause you know it will kill me inside.
The tears that would be coming the sadness of my heart the pain u would give me if should ever part.
So tell me you'll stay with me, tell me you'll not go, tell me that im what u want, please tell me so i will know.

— Sereana Crowley

You've got to learn to let go and let your children fall, and fail. If you try to protect them from hurt, and always rush to their side with Band-Aids, they won't learn about life, and what is true, what works, what helps, and what are real consequences of certain kinds of behavior. When they do get hurt, which they will, they won't know how to take care of their grown selves. They won't even know where the aspirin is kept.

— Anne Lamott

Today You Soar
Like the grand eagle, you spread your wings
And put forth the effort to do great things.
Looking skyward you dared to challenge the wind,
Harnessing power to help you ascend.
With an eye on the goal, fixed in flight,
You climbed to an impressive height.
Undaunted by gusts and unkind gails,
You never gave up and would not fail.
So now you've reached where few even try
As the eagle high in a glorious sky.
Not superior, but grand.
Not proud, but sure.
Not a cub, wolf, or bear but an eagle pure.
Today you soar.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

In the UK a lot of people don't like to try. There's a different cultural thing. Here [in USA] if you try and fail, you get up again and start again and keep going. People respect you for it. Even if you keep failing, they respect the tenacity.

— Eddie Izzard

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