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All the time shes silent. All the women were silent except the white one talking to Trent. If it wasnt for the red, green and gold and that the skirts are often denim, Id think I was surrounded by Muslim women.
— Marlon James —

Hey!" Mena exclaimed "Don't knock Jeopardy. I love that show"
"So do I" Max admitted.
"I like it when I know the answers." Logan added.
Trent turned to Logan, "Dude, if you hate the show, all you had to do was say so.

— Amanda Kelly

Trent has kept his promise. He makes me smile every day.

— K.A. Tucker

Laird suffered second degree burns ... in the frank and beans area, if you know what I mean.
Trent winced. That must have been one hell of a breakup.

— Jennifer Shirk

She'd hardly describe Trent as "cute." Adonis, stud-like, hottie McHot Hot, even pulchritudinous - all acceptable descriptions. Hardly just cute.

— Jennifer Shirk

Caroline Trent hadn't meant to shoot Percival Prewitt, but she had, and now he was dead.
Or at least she thought he was dead.

— Julia Quinn

Al was cruel, vindictive, angry, elegant, powerful. He gave me strength, he gave me wisdom, not only about magic, but about myself. He was a lot like Trent, only harsher around the edges.

— Kim Harrison

His hands grabbed my shoulders firmly and yanked me across the few feet that separated us. "Trent, you, mmmph," I managed to get out as he stole a kiss, a wild, wonderful, passionate kiss.
His lips were heavy on mine, an erotic mix of demand and softness. My hands against his shoulders were set to push him back, but I couldn't, shocked at the sudden surge of desire that burst from my core, flaring through me like flash paper.
Eyes closed, my back hit the counter.
Emotion vibrated up through me. My hands clenched on him and my eyes opened. Heart thudding in my chest, I shoved him back and away. Oh God, it was a fabulous kiss. I could hardly think.

— Kim Harrison

I'm not going anywhere with you, you little shoemaker, I said (Rachel to Trent)

— Kim Harrison

People are motivated by three things, Rachel. Love ... " A red marker clattered in with the rest. "Revenge ... " A black one landed next to it. "And power," she finished, tossing in a green one. "Trent has enough money to buy all three."
"You forgot one," I said, wondering if I should just keep my mouth shut. "Family.

— Kim Harrison

If you're not interested in me, just tell me. You don't have to ruin me for all women."
"I'm more about action than words." I'm glad he's making jokes, but I still wince. I drop to a crouch in front of Trent and ask in a low voice, "Are you okay? Seriously?"
"Yeah, I'll live. And by live, I mean curl up in the fetal position on my couch with a bag of ice on my nuts for the rest of the night."
"I'll hold the ice," I offer in a soft whisper.

— K.A. Tucker

The officer asks me if I want to press charges against Trent and I glare at him like he's grown an arm out of his ass.

— K.A. Tucker

The river Trent is lovely, I know because I have walked on it for 18 years.

— Brian Clough

I'm fine. Will put his hand on Amanda's foot again. He could feel a steady pulse near her ankle. He'd worked for this woman most of his career but still knew very little about her. She lived in a condo in the heart of Buckhead. She had been on the job longer than he had been alive, which put her age in the mid-sixties. She kept her salt-and-pepper hair coiffed in the shape of a football helmet and wore pantyhose with starched blue jeans. She had a sharp tongue, more degrees than a college professor, and she knew that his name was Wilbur even though he'd had it legally changed when he entered college and every piece of paper the GBI had on file listed his legal name as William Trent.

— Karin Slaughter

Trent likes to record guitars direct, whereas I've always preferred playing through an amplifier.

— Daisy Berkowitz

I was only 21 when I bought a five-bedroom detached house in Stoke-on-Trent that was way outside of my financial status in life. I did it by borrowing money from my family and the bank, taking out a huge mortgage.

— John Caudwell

If Trent Reznor calls and says he needs a drummer for his tour ... I'm there.

— Tommy Lee

All the time she's silent. All the women were silent except the white one talking to Trent. If it wasn't for the red, green and gold and that the skirts are often denim, I'd think I was surrounded by Muslim women.

— Marlon James

Utterly ingenious! Tiffany Trent has more fine invention at her fingertips than a roomful of magical Leonardos!

— Ellen Kushner

They tried to kill me," he said, his brow furrowed as he glared at them. "You saw them!" "Yeah?" I spouted off. "They weren't very good at it!" (Trent and Rachel)

— Kim Harrison

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