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Tranquil Mind Quotes

A tranquil mind, a truth-filled speech, and a body dedicated to service-one who has these three qualities is described as the embodiment of Triputi (the Triple purity). Such a one is the noblest of human beings.
— Sathya Sai Baba —

From the Greek of Moschus
Published with "Alastor", 1816.
Tan ala tan glaukan otan onemos atrema Balle-k.t.l.
When winds that move not its calm surface sweep
The azure sea, I love the land no more;
The smiles of the serene and tranquil deep
Tempt my unquiet mind.-But when the roar
Of Ocean's gray abyss resounds, and foam
Gathers upon the sea, and vast waves burst,
I turn from the drear aspect to the home
Of Earth and its deep woods, where, interspersed,
When winds blow loud, pines make sweet melody.
Whose house is some lone bark, whose toil the sea,
Whose prey the wandering fish, an evil lot
Has chosen.-But I my languid limbs will fling
Beneath the plane, where the brook's murmuring
Moves the calm spirit, but disturbs it not.

— Percy Bysshe Shelley

Look into my eyes and
You'll see my mind.
A tranquil city,
That rebuilt itself and left the past behind.

— Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

He was out there alone with himself, composed, tranquil, adoring, comparing the serenity of his heart to the serenity of the skies, moved in the darkness by the visible splendors of the constellations and the invisible splendor of God, opening his soul to the thoughts that fall from the Unknown. In such moments, offering up his heart as the flowers of night emit their perfume, lit like a lamp in the center of the starry night, expanding in ecstasy the midst of creation's universal radiance, perhaps he could not have told what was happening in his own mind; he felt something floating away from him, and something descending upon him, mysterious exchanges of the soul with the universe.

— Victor Hugo

My mind is tranquil. I allow peace into my life

— Leon Nacson

The mind is intrinsically tranquil. Out of this tranquility, anxiety and confusion are born. If one sees and knows this confusion, then the mind is tranquil once more.

— Ajahn Chah

Farewell the tranquil mind! farewell content!
Farewell the plumed troops, and the big wars
That make ambition virtue.

— William Shakespeare

Dhyana is retaining one's tranquil state of mind in any circumstance, unfavorable as well as favorable, and not being disturbed or frustrated even when adverse conditions present themselves one after another.

— D.T. Suzuki

If the mind is tranquil and occupied with positive thoughts, the body will not easily fall prey to disease

— Dalai Lama

For a person who cherishes compassion and love, the practice of tolerance is essential, and for that, and enemy is indispinsable. So we should be grateful to our enemies, for it is they who can best help us to develop a tranquil mind.

— Dalai Lama

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