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Toussaint Quotes

For that matter," said Toussaint, "its true. We would be assassinated before wed have time to say Boo! And then, since Monsieur doesnt sleep in the house. But dont be afraid, mademoiselle, I fasten the windows like Bastilles. Women alone ! Im sure thats enough to make us shudder! Just imagine! To see men come into the room at night and say Hush ! to you and set themselves about cutting your throat. It isnt so much the dying, people die, thats all right, we know very well that we have to die, but it is the horror of having such people touch yhaving such people touch you. And then their knives, they must cut badly ! 0 God !
— Victor Hugo —

In point of fact, he was not afraid to die, not anymore. He now understood with a faith that he had never before possessed that he would see those he had lost when he died, that everything would be made whole, that he would talk to Boukman, and his mother and father and sister, again. It was true that there was no need on earth that could not be slaked and satisfied. When you are thirsty there is water. When you are hungry there is food. It is impossible to need a thing without that thing being available for the having. A man may want a green horse that flies, but he canot need one, for there is no such thing.
At this precise moment, Toussaint felt that he needed Boukman, that he could not bear it if he never saw him again, and he knew, because this need existed, that it would be met.

— Nick Lake

As for Toussaint, she venerated Jean Valjean and liked everything he did. One

— Victor Hugo

If the black man is feeble and not important to the existing races, not on a parity with the best race, the black man must serve,and be exterminated. But if the black man carries in his bosom an indispensable element of a new and coming civilization; for the sake of that element, no wrong nor strength nor circumstance can hurt him: he will survive and play his part. So now, the arrival in the world of such men as Toussaint, and the Haytian heroes, or of the leaders of their race in Barbadoes and Jamaica, outweighs in good omen all the English and American humanity.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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