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Tomorrow Brings Quotes

I have to live for the day, and not worry about or try to know what tomorrow brings ... if Ive learned one thing from all thatshappened to me, its that if you would know what tomorrow brings, you may not want to live it.
— Monica Seles —

Who knows what tomorrow brings
In a world where everyone lies ...

— Raquel Taylor

Bob's Words:
Nobody knows what tomorrow brings
By loving, giving, caring
And sharing today
Lets one know that if tomorrow
Does not come
Today is a good day to be the last

— Greg Noack

Never loose hope. Stay strong, you never know what tomorrow brings.

— Magith Noohukhan

Saving entails sacrifice; maybe that's why it brings rewards. Those that save always have. If tomorrow you face a problem -you lose your job or your business, you know you can survive until the situation improves or you start another business, this time with firm foundations. However those that do not save ...

— Mauricio Chaves Mesén

I teach my children that in life, there is no control of what tomorrow is going to bring. There really isn't. But in whatever it brings, we have choices, and I'm glad because I made more right choices than wrong, but in the wrong choices, there are lessons to be learned.

— BeBe Winans

Still deep I burrow, waiting for tomorrow. Closed off, I bear. The open elements don't care. Laid here in this nest, dormant now I rest. Aching to live and roam, though still burrowed in my tomb. When time brings my spring, maybe I'll rise like a king.

— Linda Kage

And there is no harm in loving a stranger. In fact, it is more exciting to love a stranger. When you were not together, there was great attraction. The more you have been together, the more the attraction has become dull. The more you have become known to each other, superficially, the less is the excitement. Life becomes very soon a routine. People go on repeating the same thing, again and again. If you look at the faces of people in the world, you will be surprised: Why do all these people look so sad? Why do their eyes look as if they have lost all hope? The reason is simple; the reason is repetition. Man is intelligent; repetition creates boredom. Boredom brings a sadness because one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow ... until one goes into the grave, it will be the same, the same story. Finkelstein

— Osho

A month passes by and brings another month. Easy to guess what lies ahead: all of yesterday's boredom. And tomorrow ends up no longer like tomorrow.

— C.P. Cavafy

I'm learning how much I have to learn, how little I know, how fragile my understanding is. I'm learning to be thankful and patient; today is all that we will ever have in this life. If we spend our time obsessing with the future or regretting the past then we will never live. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow and yesterday cannot be changed. The wise man seeks God in the now and brings both his regrets and fears before Him. The freedom that we are offered is truly amazing: to live, today, free from even our own fallen desires. This is where I want to be.

— Jon Foreman

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