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Today In Quotes

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow Im committed to?
— Tony Robbins —

So, this is how it will play out. Today, in the sunshine, on the noisy sidewalk at Logan Airport in Boston, with people and their suitcases bumping into me, and taxi horns blaring and strangers going about their routine day, I'm about to learn that I have lost my husband. I will finally know his secrets.

— Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker

And when an architect has designed a house with large windows, which is a necessity today in order to pull the daylight into these very deep houses, then curtains come to play a big role in architecture.

— Arne Jacobsen

Young women today often have very little appreciation for the real battles that took place to get women where they are today in this country. I don't know how much history young women today know about those battles.

— Sandra Day O'Connor

Today in Germany, everyone is being watched
even the watchers.

— Abraham Polonsky

I made some changes, I didn't go around telling everybody I was ready to make changes, I just remained me. I may get more criticism today in putting this book out than I have. You know, maybe this is my time, but I'm ready to take the criticism and answer anybody's questions.

— Reginald Arvizu

I'm not afraid to die, for I know the joys of heaven are waiting. My greatest desire is to live today in anticipation of tomorrow and be ready to be welcomed into His home for all eternity. Will you be making the journey with me?

— Billy Graham

We live today in a world in which nobody believes choices should have consequences. But may I tell you the great secret that our culture seeks to deny? You cannot escape the consequences of your choices. Time runs in only one direction.

— Stephen L. Carter

A child born today in the United Kingdom stands a ten times greater chance of being admitted to a mental hospital than to a university ... This can be taken as an indication that we are driving our children mad more effectively than we are genuinely educating them. Perhaps it is our way of educating them that is driving them mad.

— R.D. Laing

Today in my heart a vague trembling of stars and all roses are as white as my pain.

— Federico Garcia Lorca

Learn to value what is important today in the subtle realm rather than what appears desirable tomorrow in the worldly realm.

— Laozi

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