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To Money Quotes

We argued most of the way home. I thought it would be nicest for Hal to take his two dollars in to Mother first, bu Muriel didnt think so. She always wanted to do things as if it were a play. "That wouldnt be any good," she said. "If Hal goes in first and gives her the money, shell start crying right away. But if you give her yours first, shell just say we were smart children to make so much money. And then Ill give her mine, and shell say, Why, why ... where in the world did you get so much money? And then Phillip can give her his, and shell look like she thought maybe wed robbed a bank. And then when Hal gives her his, well all want to cry." It worked just the way she thought it would.
— Ralph Moody —

And there is good money to be made when things are bad.

— Kameron Hurley

I grew up poor. I never had any money. I was a hobo, you know, ride the freights.

— Art Linkletter

I'm not ambitious. I don't want to get anywhere, I don't want anything more. I sometimes think that for me that is the real freedom, that I don't want anything. I don't want money or prizes. I want people to know that a war is going to be fought.

— Arundhati Roy

We know that's the bottom line: if money is made, the powers that be pay attention.

— Regina King

I think the legacy we leave is our family. I don't think it's money. I don't think it's - I'm not saying that charity isn't a great thing. I just think that it's my family. Even now I look and I think, God, I'm lucky if I lost it all.

— Michael Buble

Ty Tryon made a lot of money after turning pro, but he might not have been ready. I don't want to make a lot of money for a couple of months and then not be ready.

— Michelle Wie

That's the biggest rule in Hollywood: Don't spend your own money.

— Pauly Shore

It would be too ridiculous to go about seriously to prove that wealth does not consist in money, or in gold and silver; but in what money purchases, and is valuable only for purchasing. Money no doubt, makes always a part of the national capital; but it has already been shown that it generally makes but a small part, and always the most unprofitable part of it.

— Adam Smith

Consider carefully before you say a hard word to a man, but never let a chance to say a good one go by. Praise judiciously bestowed is money invested.

— George Horace Lorimer

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