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But think about it. Weve tried for over twenty years to do everything right, to save our money, to pay our bills, to raise our kid, and to live within the law. Weve done everything the right way, at least to the best of our ability." Rick grabbed her hand. "But thats not enough. That guy is right about at least that much. Hes giving us a chance to do something that will lash out, and hes willing to pay for it. I can see the sincerity all over his face. Hes not trying to con us. He just wants an ally, a foot soldier." "Why you?" Renee asked bluntly. "Is it that hard to find someone crazy enough to do something that extreme?" She caught herself and started laughing. "Maybe it is.
— Rich Hoffman —

We have to understand that to rejoice is to do something, not to feel something (p. 44).

— Hayley DiMarco

When the fear of failure triumphs over the repugnance of mediocrity, we must resign ourselves to the status quo. Every change, every opportunity to do something different will send us running to hide beneath a cover of excuses and complacency. Those few courageous souls who delve into the lands where they risk failure, will be soundly ridiculed. They will be condemned not because they dream, but rather for making their dreams real and destroying the illusion that all that can be thought has been thought, all that can be done has been done, and all that can be felt has been felt. In their enthusiastic insolence, they see life filled with infinite possibilities and they know they must chart their own course, even if they must go alone.

— D.A. Blankinship

Marty knew about rituals. "That means we're supposed to do something a certain way so we won't feel guilty," he said. "You got it," Harry said. Marty

— Greg Bear

As Scripture presents it, the Word itself-wielded by the heavenly agent (the Holy Spirit) and the earthly ambassador (the preacher)-does what it threatens in the law and promises in the gospel. The Word itself does this work, not because it provides an occasion for us to do something but simply by its being used by God according to his own sovereign will.

— Michael S. Horton

I'd love the opportunity to do something where I could really give my opinion, my feisty side - it'd be fun!

— Rachel Stevens

You're gifted to do something.

— Karen Kingsbury

If you swap it about, do television, theatre, film, you can go on surprising yourself. The problem is you get employed to do something you've already done. They want something from that sheep pen of performances they've seen you do.

— Kenneth Cranham

I didn't want to break with my family. I wasn't about to make waves. But I had this feeling I wanted to do something that I liked to do. Acting's what I liked to do most. There must have been a moment when I felt, 'Oh, my God, I like this and what am I going to do about it?'

— Charles Kimbrough

You know, be able to do something great in your life, you're gonna have to realize your failures. You're gonna have to embrace them and figure out how to overcome it.

— Dave Chappelle

It's the sum of the parts that make up the whole, so in my opinion excellence comes from how one undertakes to do something. It all begins with the thought process - which is creative and exalted to produce something out of the ordinary.

— Pankaj Patel

As I've conducted my interviews with crowdsourcing entrepreneurs and experts, it's constantly hit me that your ability to do something big and bold is really a function of the size and quality of your crowd.

— Peter Diamandis

There is a moment, if you trip or slip, before your hand shoots out to break your fall, when you feel the earth rushing up at you and you cannot help yourself, a passing, fraction-of-a-second terror. I felt that way hour after hour after hour. Being anxious at this extreme level is bizarre. You feel all the time that you want to do something, that there is some affect that is unavailable to you, that there's a physical need of impossible urgency and discomfort for which there is no relief, as though you were constantly vomiting from your stomach but had no mouth.

— Andrew Solomon

A girl with brains ought to do something with them besides think.

— Anita Loos

I didn't want to do the obvious role that you see in Hollywood most of the time, which is the heartbroken girl who's waiting to be rescued by the guy, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to do something different.

— Gal Gadot

The only way to do something interesting is not care if you fail.

— Charlie Kaufman

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