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Think Its Time Quotes

Dont you think its time you got out of your own way? Time you stop ending things before they start, time you stopped imagining the worst-case scenario, and giving in without a fight?" "And if things turn out as bad as I imagine they might?" "Then you chalk it up to shit happening and get on with your life.
— Sara Bell —

And let's face it people, no one is ever honest with you about child birth. Not even your mother. "It's a pain you forget all about once you have that sweet little baby in your arms." Bullshit. I CALL BULLSHIT. Any friend, cousin, or nosey-ass stranger in the grocery store that tells you it's not that bad is a lying sack of shit. Your vagina is roughly the size of the girth of a penis. It has to stretch and open andturn into a giant bat cave so the life-sucking human you've been growing for nine months can angrily claw its way out. Who in their right mind would do that willingly? You're just walking along one day and think to yourself, "You know, I think it's time I turn my vagina into an Arby's Beef and Cheddar (minus the cheddar) and saddle myself down for a minimum of eighteen years to someone who will suck the soul and the will to live right out of my body so I'm a shell of the person I used to be and can't get laid even if I pay for it.

— Tara Sivec

Two women? God, man. Well, I'm still living. So clearly I must've gotten away with it, when I did do it. But I don't think it's time to blow my cover now.

— Peter Gallagher

I think right now, you've seen these artists pop up over the last decade who've flirted with branching together a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them have been huge, and sold millions of records. And I think over time it's become a little bit of what the industry can be.

— Eric Church

I don't think quantity time is as special as quality time with your family.

— Reba McEntire

I think my time on 'Australian Idol' really helped train my voice for a lot of genres.

— Dean Geyer

People who think about time travel stories sometimes think that going back in time would be fun because you would have all the information you needed to be much more astute than the people there, when the truth is of course you wouldn't.

— Octavia E. Butler

Think about how rare it is that you exist at all. Also think about time this way: If something exists, even for a second, then forever in the future that thing "existed", and forever in the past that thing "was going to exist". So to even be conscious for a millisecond is a kind of immortality, but you have more than a millisecond. You have minutes. Hours. Months. A year? Years! This is a gift.

— Alex Hirsch

Since Martin Luther closed his eyes, no such son of our people has appeared again. It has been decided that we shall be the first to witness his reappearance ... I think the time is past when one may not say the names of Hitler and Luther in the same breath. They belong together; they are of the same old stamp.

— Bernhard Rust

I think it's time for the Prime Minister to stop making excuses and to start governing.

— Tony Abbott

I think any time you can go after an audience that isn't built in, that's the job.

— Jon Bernthal

I think any time you set out to make something, anybody is going to be confronted by those voices in their head that say "You don't need to do this. Someone else can do this better. You should probably just quit right now."

— Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Don't want to discuss it, I think it's time for a change You may get disgusted, some think that I'm strange In that case I'll go underground, get some heavy rest Never have to worry, about what is worst and what is best.

— Van Morrison

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