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Thick Of It Quotes

The Captain, so close as he was, didnt warrant their attention. Even a fly on a horses hindquarters gets a tail whip. And that is the thick of it. We are less than flies to these foul foes.
— Greever Williams —

The next thing Juliana knew, he had her braced against the back wall of the shower, one hand under her bottom, the other tangled in the back of her wet hair, holding her in place as he took her mouth with what seemed to be an urgent, desperate craving, and claimed her body in the same way. His c#ck found her soft notch, his first thick thrust so hard and deep it shoved the air up out of her lungs, her thoughts fracturing beneath the violent surge of sensation.

— Rhyannon Byrd

I'd heard about the traffic accidnet on the radio after I'd dropped Abbot off at school. I heard about the accident, that there were mutiple fatalities, an oil tanker ablaze, and the backed-up traffic on the interstate, and I had one simple though : I would take an alternate route. That was it, I would take an alternate route. Worse, I felt lucky - not because I was alive and others were dead but because I'd caught the update in time to avoid the exit ramp that would have landed me in he thick of it.

— Bridget Asher

Em, you have a soul."
"How can you be so sure of that, Hayden? How many people die and come back?"
"No one dies and comes back. You did because of your sister, and you have a gift. Maybe that played a role in your coming back, but you have a soul. You aren't evil. There's nothing you can say that will make me think that."
I looked up and our gazes locked. "And there's nothing you can say to make me feel differently."
He lowered his eyes. Thick lashes fanned his cheeks. "I know you do, because I wouldn't want to ... to kiss you if you didn't have a soul." I froze.
"You ... you want to kiss me?

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

What need have I for a palace? Rather to lie with you where the weeds grow thick.

— Murasaki Shikibu

My concept of an advice giver had been a therapist or a know-it-all, and then I realized nobody listens to the know-it-alls. You turn to the people you know, the friend who has been in the thick of it or messed up - and I'm that person for sure.

— Cheryl Strayed

People say that one of the most important things about being an actor is to have thick skin, but I don't think that's it. Because you can't just walk around being tough, you have to be able to be vulnerable to do this. So really, it's about not being defensive.

— Jess Weixler

The story of Zenia ought to begin when Zenia began. It must have been someplace long ago and distant in space, thinks Tony; someplace bruised, and very tangled. A European print, hand-tinted, ochre-coloured, with dusty sunlight and a lot of bushes in it- bushes with thick leaves and ancient twisted roots, behind which, out of sight in the undergrowth and hinted at only by a boot protruding, or a slack hand, something ordinary but horrifying is taking place.

— Margaret Atwood

That's the great thing about 'The West Wing:' you really felt like you were in the thick of it.

— Joss Whedon

I sat, eyes closed, and traced the path of my blood, from the secret, thick-walled chambers of my heart, blue-purple through the pulmonary artery, reddening swiftly as the sacs of the lungs dumped their burden of oxygen. Then out in a bursting surge through the arch of the aorta, and the tumbling race upward and down and out, through carotids, renals, subclavians. To the smallest capillaries, blooming beneath the surface of the skin, I traced the path of my blood through the systems of my body, remembering the feel of perfection, of health. Of peace.

— Diana Gabaldon

And yeah, my handicap was down to a 10 when we were at the thick of it. I trained for six or seven months, golfing every day for six hours, seven days a week, with eight trainers. It was intense.

— Shia LaBeouf

The stones themselves are thick with history, and those cats that dash through the alleyways must surely be the ghosts of the famous dead in feline disguise.

— Erica Jong

The explanation of the ebb and flow of the women's movement ... is partly psychological. During those early post-war years when successes came thick and fast and were almost thrust upon us, the nation was still under the influence of the reconstruction spirit, when everything seemed possible ... A few years later the nation had reached the stage which follows a drinking bout. It was feeling ruefully in its empty pockets. It did not want to part with anything to anybody. Its head ached. Noble sentiments made it feel sick. It wanted only to be left alone.

— Eleanor Rathbone

There was a time I wanted to go into politics. And so all of a sudden, here I am, I guess. I'm in the thick of it.

— Max Lucado

The capacity to be patient, to bear with others through thick and thin, is within the reach of anyone.

— Eknath Easwaran

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