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There No Easy Way Out Quotes

Watching him, its easy to ignore Carters miserable expression, Selenas resentment, to push Seth out of my mind completely. Because there is no way Im going to let an indecisive angel tell me what I should and shouldnt do.
— Katie Klein —

The act of gaining true insights from self - reflection is a futile action for most ... as there are easy way out things like self justification, rationalization, delusions and denial which keeps us away from our true self, the inner core and thus we live contented

— Anubhav Mishra

Imagine that you're an extremely modern car, equipped with a greater number of options and functions than most cars. You're faster and higher performance. You're very lucky. But it's not easy. Because no one knows exactly the number of options you have or what they enable you to do. Only you can know. And speed can be dangerous. Like when you're eight, you don't know how to drive. There are many things you have to learn: how to drive when it's wet, when it's snowy, to look out for other cars and respect them, to rest when you've been driving for too long. That's what it means to be a grown up.' I'm thirteen and I can see that I'm not managing to grow up in the right way: I can't understand the road signs, I'm not in control of my vehicle, I keep taking the wrong turnings and most of the time I feel like I'm stuck on the dodgems rather than on a race track.

— Delphine De Vigan

There is a very easy and very peaceful way to get rid of a dictator: Get out of the system!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

I looked at her. Sheila was my girl
the girl I wanted
and wanted for keeps. But it wasn't any use having illusions about her. Sheila was a liar and probably always would be a liar. It was her way of fighting for survival
the quick easy glib denial. It was a child's weapon
and she'd probably never got out of using it. If I wanted Sheila, I must accept her as she was
be at hand to prop up the weak places. We've all got our weak places. Mine were different from Sheila's, but they were there.

— Agatha Christie

The lamb baa-ed vigorously as Mary dragged it into the manicure room, and Zel winced. She really should insist Julie come work, She could use the help, plus it would mean extra mother-daughter time
and, Zel thought wryly, I won't have to find a spare tower in the suburbs.
Closing the appointment book, Zel went to finish trimming Linda's hair. "Did I hear a sheep out there?" Linda asked.
"Sick dog," Zel said. "Now, bend your head down." Linda obeyed and Zel ran her fingers through the back of her hair to check for evenness. All she needed to do was think of a way to make Julie come without Julie immediately assuming her mother was trying to ruin her life. Not an easy task.

— Sarah Beth Durst

The people who support me are so great! They all say such nice things that make me feel really great. I love it when people compliment me on the way I act, because it is not an easy thing, and there is so much criticism out there.

— Austin Butler

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