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The Bounty Hunter Quotes

Im going back to bed," Grandma said when Mooner and Dougie left. "This doesnt look too interesting. I liked it better the other night when you were on the floor with the bounty hunter." Morelli gave me the same kind of look Desi always gave Lucy when shed just done something incredibly stupid. "Its a long story," I said. "I bet.
— Janet Evanovich —

You're screwed, scum, and not in the way you'd like, either. Irony's a bitch, isn't it?"
"You wouldn't say that if you knew who I am."
Vol's bounty hunter laughs. "Trust me, I've seen an asshole before. Drop the sword now.

— Nenia Campbell

Too bad. And Mozart, not long after writing The Magic Flute, had died
in his thirties
of kidney disease. And had been buried in an unmarked pauper's grave.
Thinking this, he wondered if Mozart had any intuition that the future did not exist, that he had already used up his little time. Maybe I have too, Rick thought as he watched the rehearsal move along. This rehearsal will end, the performance will end, the singers will die, eventually the last score of the music will be destroyed in one way or another; finally the name "Mozart" will vanish, the dust will have won. If not on this planet then another. We can evade it awhile. As the andys can evade me and exist a finite stretch longer. But I will get them or some other bounty hunter gets them. In a way, he realized, I'm part of the form-destroying process of entropy.

— Philip K. Dick

Ranger is a man of few words. He's Cuban-American, former Special Forces, he makes a much better friend than an enemy, and he's Vinnie's numero uno bounty hunter.

— Janet Evanovich

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