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That Time When Quotes

Twelve to seventeen minutes is plenty on the treadmill if its done fast. Thats all you need for cardiovascular benefit. You dont need to spend that extra time unless you are over weight and you need to burn off extra calories. Do it vigorously, like somebody is chasing you. Youve got to do it hard. Otherwise, if you just take it easy and do it longer, you are spending all that time when you dont need it. Use that extra time with your weights instead.
— Jack LaLanne —

That time when you confused a lesson for a soulmate

— Dream Hampton

I would do anything I could to go back to that time when we could have been together and change the way I acted. I'd change it, because we were fated to be together however brief, however unbelievable, however painful, however flawed.- Jack Howard

— K.A. Linde

I wanted to see everything. It was around the time I acquired language, or even before that time, when something happened that changed my relationship to the spin of the world. My concept of language, of what was possible with music was changed by this revelatory moment. It changed even the way I look at the sun.

— Joy Harjo

Sometimes I wish I could be like Teflon. I always admired that stuff. Water beads up on it and slides off, nothing sticks. You gotta have a little of that to be able to deal with what's out there. But ... Teflon takes a shot and shows the damage. It cannot heal itself. That is our strength: we can heal. We can make ourselves stronger. You can be a bright light in a sea of shit, doesn't matter how big the light is as long as it shines. Get a hold of some of that and don't blow your brains out no matter how good an idea it sounds like at the time. Like when you wake up around three in the morning panicking from an attack from some unseen horror and you want to get out so bad.

— Henry Rollins

I love that time when all you want to do is cocoon with your baby in your own little world, when you carry them around all the time in a little pouch or sling.

— Kelli Williams

Walking into a show when I was 16, at that time when it was the No. 1 hit show, and replacing a character comes with so many expectations. I felt a lot of pressure with that.

— Sarah Chalke

When you're making an independent film what you don't have in time and money you have to make up with creativity and diligence.

— Matthew Lillard

I don't like technology and all that. I'm a farm boy. I would rather live in that time when you had to provide for your family. I don't know. I'm a country kid, so I don't like modern technology.

— Travis Fimmel

I'm jealous of that time when you could afford lofts and survive on almost nothing. You can't do that anymore.

— Jim Shaw

I believe that this life is all we have. I don't believe in anything after this, so I think the choices we make here are so important and the relationships we choose are crucial, especially in that time when we are developing ourselves and we're becoming adults.

— Joel Kinnaman

When I say I had a cosmic confidence that we were capable of writing good music, I'm speaking about that time when we met Sam [Fogarino]. Greg [ex-drummer] is actually a really great drummer and a great guy. I never want to sound like I am belittling his contributions in the early days, but when Sam joined, there was an immediacy of, like, "Here we go."

— Paul Banks

Adolescence is that time when I think, it can be- it's the cruelest place on Earth. It can really be heartless.

— Tori Amos

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