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Talk To Myself Quotes

Home again, I can groan, scratch, and talk to myself.
— Mason Cooley —

I'd rather talk to myself then a fella' that's mad about how right he is.

— D.L. Greenlee

One unforeseen advantage of having a child was that it gave me the excuse to talk to myself to my heart's content and pretend it was for my daughters benefit.

— Catherine Sanderson

I am alone. I am here. No one is watching me. In these hours of silence that I cherish, I talk to myself and reflect. That past, entrenched in time, motionless and infinite, has vanished onto thin air. None of it remains. Why, therefore, am I hurting so much? Why did I bring back with me this nameless pain? I followed the path I set for myself, and I have forgiven. I do not want to be chained to hatred or resentment. I want to have the right to live in peace.

— Ingrid Betancourt

I talk to myself everyone once in a while. Give myself very good advice. Sometimes I even take it.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

I don't talk to myself or anything, but sometimes I say things and I laugh at myself. Sometimes you have to make fun of yourself.

— Kellie Pickler

I do talk to myself, just not in a whisper. But I have caught myself sometimes.

— Atticus Shaffer

Sometimes I talk to myself in languages I'm unfamiliar with ... just to screw with my subconscious.

— Steven Wright

In those days I used to talk to myself as if reciting poetry.

— Haruki Murakami

When I have people around, I'm a chatterbox. But when I'm alone, I never speak. I don't talk to myself; it's just not my schtick.

— J. C. Chandor

I don't talk to myself because I'm crazy."
"I do it because I'm awesome.

— Brandon Sanderson

I talk to myself every once in a while. Give myself very good advice. Sometimes I even take it. I

— Laurell K. Hamilton

I might sound like a crazy person, but that's the way I pump myself up. You know how some people are just like 'I have to talk about it'? Sometimes I'll call my husband and we'll talk about it, sometimes I have to talk to myself in the mirror. So I start talking to myself: 'You got this. Don't think of this as Sports Illustrated, just think about this as the best swimsuit campaign you've done in your life. And just kill it and own it and don't put that pressure on yourself.'

— Ashley Graham

There are things about which I don't even talk to myself.

— Konrad Adenauer

The vow of silence, that's the mind-blower. See, talking is what I do ... i t's a real need with me, a craving, I'm like a word junkie. I never shut up. I talk to myself, I talk in my sleep. The idea of voluntarily turning off that tap, I can't imagine it It'd be like, I don't know, all the rivers in the world just slammed to a stop. No churning, no flowing, no white water, just stillness, crushing stillness. I don't think I could stand it, locked up like that in my own psyche. I'd collapse into myself, I'd implode

— Andrew Schneider

The one person I am with forever is me. My relationship with myself is eternal, so I choose to be my own best friend. I choose to love and accept myself, and talk to myself as I would a beloved person in my life. I saturate all the cells in my body with love, and they become vibrantly healthy. I relate with love to all of my life.

— Louise Hay

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