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Talk About Yourself Quotes

I was brought up to think you dont talk about yourself.
— Cy Twombly —

Don't you ever talk about yourself like that to me again. You hurt me when you hurt yourself Spencer. Think about that the next time you go to say something so stupid.

— Ella Fox

I was brought up to think you don't talk about yourself.

— Cy Twombly

Don't talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave.

— Wilson Mizner

If you try to talk about yourself honestly when you're an actor, you come off as stuck on yourself.

— Diane Ladd

Don't talk about yourself so much ... we'll do that when you leave.

— Anonymous.

You can't talk about yourself in the third party - that makes you a lunatic!

— Anton Du Beke

Talk to Yourself Like a Winner You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. JAMES ALLEN Author of As a Man Thinketh So what if you could learn to always talk to yourself like a winner instead of a loser? What if you could transform your negative self-talk into positive self-talk? What if you could silence your thoughts of lack and limitation and replace them with thoughts of unlimited possibility? What if you could replace any victim language in your thoughts with the language of empowerment? And what if you could transform your inner critic, who judges your every move, into a supportive inner coach who would encourage you and give you confidence as you faced new situations and risks? Well ... all of that is possible with a little awareness, focus, and intention.

— Jack Canfield

It's hard to talk about yourself.

— Sugar Ray Leonard

Jace was standing up now.
"When you first step off. Bend the knees right away. Otherwise you did pretty well."
"But what about Isabelle?" Simon asked. "What do I do?"
"I have no idea," Jace said.
"So you just came here to torture me and talk about yourself?" Simon demanded.
"Oh, Simon, Simon, Simon," said Jace. "You may not remember, but that's kind of our thing."
With that, he walked away, clearly aware of the admiring glances that followed his every step.

— Cassandra Clare

If you act brave, you can seem brave, and if you do it enough, you can talk yourself into believing you're brave.

— Kelli O'Hara

To make even fewer friends try talking about politics as much as you talk about yourself.

— Demetri Martin

You can't talk about truth unless you talk about yourself.

— Cornel West

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