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Take Care Of Yourself For Me Quotes

I slip my hand behind her neck and fist her hair as I whisper in her ear. I do like the fight, but not tonight. Tonight youre mine. Tonight I own you. I get to take care of you. I get to make you feel things for the first time. Tonight I promise you perfection. So just give in, Ashleigh. Give yourself to me and let it happen.
— J.A. Huss —

You may think it all very fine, Mr. Huntingdon, to amuse yourself with rousing my jealousy; but take care you don't rouse my hate instead. And when you have once extinguished my love, you will find it no easy matter to kindle it again.

— Anne Brontë

I can take care of myself," I said hotly.
"Darlin, you don't even know how to pleasure yourself.

— Nenia Campbell

Do you realize how important it is to be independent? To be able to take care of yourself? To not rely on someone else for your most basic needs? And to not get so damn attached to stuff that you'd rather demean yourself than live without it?

— Alyson Noel

Wrath positively glowered. "You're giving me a job to get rid of me." "As a bonded male, I know that you're going to want to take care of her. And I think, if she's nauseous, having those things in her belly might make her feel better." "I can call Fritz, you realize." "Yes, I know. Or you can do it yourself and provide for her." Wrath stood there, frowning and gritting his teeth. "You know something, Jane, you're spending too much time with Rhage." "Because I'm manipulating you?" The physician's smile got bigger. "Maybe. But if you leave right now, you can be back waaaaay before I'm finished.

— J.R. Ward

There are few restrictions on your life with asthma, as long as you take care of yourself.

— Jackie Joyner-Kersee

The number one priority is playing baseball. There are so many people in New York trying to get you to do this and get you to do that, which is fine, but you have to take care of yourself.

— Derek Jeter

Your body knows how old you are, but if you keep on and you take care of yourself - you know, I go to kickboxing class every morning at 5 A.M. You know, try to do all the things to take care of the outside of your body, but you also should do - and have to do things that take care of the inside of your body.

— Darlene Love

If you do not know how to take care of yourself, and the violence in you, then you will not be able to take care of others. You must have love and patience before you can truly listen to your partner or child. If you are irritated you cannot listen. You have to know how to breath mindfully, embrace your irritation and transform it. Offer ONLY understand and compassion to your partner or child - This is the true practice of love.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Both of you think happiness is this thing you have to chase after, like a child with a shiny toy. It won't happen until you start finding ways to take care of other people instead of ways to please yourself.

— Lisa Kleypas

Confidence is not based on you having all the resources needed to take care of yourself; confidence is based upon the truth that God is faithful.

— Roy Lessin

Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you can take care of the world.

— Susan Love

It's essential that we understand that taking care of the planet will be done as we take care of ourselves. You know that you can't really make much of a difference in things until you change yourself.

— Alice Walker

Wear that cologne, shave your face, shave your head, cut your nails, you know ... take care of yourself.

— Ginuwine

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