T Ball Baseball Quotes

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T Ball Baseball Quotes

The most fun I ever had in my life was hittin a baseball. And the best sound I ever heard in my life was a ball hit with a bat. Powww!
— Ted Williams —

One of the supreme paradoxes of baseball, and all sports, is that the harder you try to throw a pitch or hit a ball or accomplish something, the smaller your chances are for success. You get the best results not when you apply superhuman effort but when you let the game flow organically and allow yourself to be fully present. You'll often hear scouts say of a great prospect, "The game comes slow to him." It mean the prospect is skilled and poised enough to let the game unfold in its own time, paying no attention to the angst or urgency or doubt, funnelling all awareness to the athletic task at hand.

— R.A. Dickey

It is dangerous to spring to obvious conclusions about baseball or, for that matter, ball players. Baseball is not an obvious game.

— Roger Kahn

Plausible that a professional pitcher with some time to practice could throw a golf ball faster than a baseball.

— Randall Munroe

The only thing I can do is play baseball. I have to play ball. It's the only thing I know.

— Mickey Mantle

We lived near a playground that had four baseball diamonds on it, and when I got to be 11, 12 years old, I was always over at the ballpark practicing or playing or doing something pertaining to baseball. And when I wasn't doing that, I was bouncing a rubber ball off the steps of my front porch at home.

— Bobby Doerr

I wanted to definitely be a musician or a good preacher or a heck of a baseball player. I couldn't play ball too good - I hurt my finger, and I stopped that. I couldn't preach, and well, all I had left was getting into the music thing.

— Muddy Waters

All I can do is do my best work, try to create the best kind of moment to moment reality that I can do. That's what I do. I'm an actor. And all the rest of it is like baseball. You hit the ball. Sometimes it goes in the hole. Sometimes it goes to the player.

— Tobin Bell

People like us are afraid to leave ball. What else is there to do? When baseball has been your whole life, you can't think about a future without it, so you hang on as long as you can.

— Willie Stargell

Football, you can go out and buy a football and play it in your backyard. Basketball, you can go out and play it in the schoolyard or in your driveway. Baseball, you get a glove and a bat and a ball and you go out and play in the neighborhood. You can't do that in hockey.

— Jeremy Roenick

I started playing ball when I was 13 and a half. Before that, I just wanted to play football and baseball but I kept growing so I figured it was time for basketball.

— Moses Malone

The most fun I ever had in my life was hittin' a baseball. And the best sound I ever heard in my life was a ball hit with a bat. Powww!

— Ted Williams

Don Gullett's the only guy who can throw a baseball through a car wash and not get the ball wet.

— Pete Rose

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