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Swimming Sa Quotes

Stop strokin that gun, Kyle," Gator said. "Youre makin me nervous. Im thinkin youre about to make love to the damn thing." "She is purty," Kyle said, giving the gun one last caress, his eye watching the truck ahead. "Slow down a little, and let them get ahead of us, Gator." "What if they put up a roadblock?" Jonas asked. Ryland opened one eye. "Well cross that bridge when we come to it. Can the chatter and let me sleep. Weve got swimming to do and Im getting too old for this shit." "Do they have sharks off this coast?" Jonas asked. Sam snickered. "You and those sharks, Jonas." "I have nightmares, man," Jonas protested. "Ill feed you to a damn shark if you dont let me sleep," Ryland drawled. Kadan and Nico exchanged amused glances. Ryland opened both eyes. "I heard that. Im not that old.
— Christine Feehan —

Time isn't an orderly stream. Time isn't a placid lake recording each of our ripples. Time is viscous. Time is a massive flow. It is a self-healing substance, which is to say, almost everything will be lost. We're too slight, to inconsequntial, despite all of our thrashing and swimming and waving our arms about. Time is an ocean of inertia, drowning out the small vibrations, absorbing the slosh and churn, the foam and wash, and we're up here, flapping and slapping and just generally spazzing out, and sure, there's a little splashing on the surface, but that doesn't even register in the depths, in the powerful undercurrents miles below us, taking us wherever they are taking us.

— Charles Yu

Writing is to copyediting what swimming is to pool maintenance.

— Gary Corby

Just for you non-sea-god types out there, don't go swimming in New York Harbor. It may not be as filthy as it was in my mom's day, but that water will still probably make you grow a third eye or have mutant children when you grow up.

— Rick Riordan

When everyone you know is on the verge of drowning, you don't stop to tell the person next to you that you don't like swimming.

— Veronica Rossi

She would just be catching up when I'd go again, swimming farther out into life because I still hadn't found a rock to stand on.

— Barbara Kingsolver

As public schools deteriorate, the upper-middle class and wealthy send their kids to private ones. As public pools and playgrounds decay, the better-off buy memberships in private tennis and swimming clubs. As public hospitals decline, the well-off pay premium rates for private care.

— Robert Reich

I hate it when people mix things, I hate the cowlike yearning toward one another while the beauty and the power of a great work breaks over one; I hate the swimming looks of lovers, the foolish blissful cuddling, the indecent sheepish happiness that can never rise above itself; I hate all the talk of becoming one through love;

— Erich Maria Remarque

It's great to have two cars and a swimming pool. But there are disappointments. After you've made some money and acquired some things, and after the initial excitement has passed, life goes on, just as bewildering as it always was, and the great problems of life and death once again come to the fore.

— Robert Heilbroner

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