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Strong Aura Quotes

Whats up with your friend?" Dawn asks after a few minutes. I doubt shes asking about K.T. I follow Dawns stare and wonder how much she can see from this far away. Mari is standing in front of the stores nearly empty stone display and listening as K.T. points out the different types of stone. "Her name is Mariella." "I dont usually get a read on people unless theyre giving off some pretty strong vibes, but wow. That girl needs an aura cleansing fast." "Yeah. I know." I look away from Mari, forcing myself to focus on the selection Dawn has laid out in front of me. "Its a work in progress.
— Erica Cameron —

Aeneas comes to her court a suppliant, impoverished and momentarily timid. He is a good-looking man. If anything, his scars emphasize that. The aura of his divine failure wraps around him like a cloak. Dido feels the tender contempt of the strong for the unlucky, but this is mixed with something else, a hunger that worms through her bones and leaves them hollow, to be filled with fire.

— Kij Johnson

My entire career stands on the strong pillars of women-oriented films. This stems from the fact that I am sensitive to the entire aura and mystique of a woman and womanhood.

— Madhur Bhandarkar

First day of your teaching you are to stand at your classroom door and let your students know how happy you are to see them. Stand, I say. Any playwright will tell you that when the actor sits down the play sits down. The best move of all is to establish yourself as a presence and to do it outside in the hallway. Outside, I say. That's your territory and when you're out there you'll be seen as a strong teacher, fearless, ready to face the swarm. That's what a class is, a swarm. And you're a warrior teacher. It's something people don't think about. Your territory is like your aura, it goes with you everywhere, in the hallways, on the stairs and, assuredly, in the classroom.

— Frank McCourt

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