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Step Right Up Quotes

Worlds freakiest bloodsucker, right here," I went on. "And you know what? If it makes some of you uncomfortable, too bad. If it makes some of you so uncomfortable you want to start shit with me about it, step right up and see if I dont eat the hell out of you next!" Id meant that last part as a threat, but somewhere in my impassioned declaration of independence from hiding what I was, Id neglected to think through my phrasing. I saw Bones raise a brow, a muffled snicker broke out from Ian, and then Vlad laughed loud and hearty. "With that sort of invitation, Reaper, you might want to suggest the line form to your right." "Thats not ... I meant eat them in a bad way," I sputtered.
— Jeaniene Frost —

You must become a free man so that you have "Sidik Paningal; Java" (lucidity and precision of sight). Later, you achieve the peak of detachment of sight (Ma'rifat), where you see something to the horizon with great clarity. Do not take another step before you are certain that the path you take is the right one. Failure is another matter; what matters is precision.

— Emha Ainun Nadjib

Hell's bells," I snarled, taking an involuntary step back. "Right here? Now? You could have given me a couple of minutes to get clear, dammit."
"And what fun would that be?" Maeve asked, pushing out her lower lip in a pout. "I am who I am, too. I love violence. I love treachery. I love your pain - and the best part, the part I love most, is that I am doing it for your own good." Her eyes gleamed white all the way around her irises. "This is me being one of the good guys.

— Jim Butcher

The question I am most often asked is how do I find my ideas? The answer is I don't. Ideas find me. A character in history will suddenly step right out of the past and demand a book. Generally, people don't bother to speak to me unless there's a good chance that I'll take them on.

— Jean Fritz

Be honest, how hideous do I look?"
He took another step back and pursed his lips.
"That bad, huh?" I muttered.
No, no Bella. Actually ... " He seemed to be struggling for the right word. "You look ... sexy."
I laughed out loud. "Right."
Very sexy, really.

— Stephenie Meyer

What would it hurt for me to give that homeless guy a couple bucks? Who the hell cares if he spends it on beer? Maybe beer is a step up for him from the harder stuff that knocked him onto the streets in the first place. Maybe, just maybe, he's actually going to spend it on food (homeless people do eat, right?). Maybe, he really is a desperate human being who is trying to change his situation.

— Dan Pearce

Few things are more damaging to our democracy than a military officer who doesn't have the moral courage to stand up for what's right or the moral fiber to step aside when circumstances dictate.

— Michael Mullen

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