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Spinning Around Quotes

Its a purging of sorts. Like, when youre all done doing your laundry and its fresh and bright, but washing the clothes, you wouldnt want to get in while its spinning around.
— Maynard James Keenan —

Today we're going to be like the earth, spinning around and affecting many.

— Rita Williams-Garcia

There are times when friendship feels like running down a hill together as fast as you can, jumping over things, spinning around, and you don't care where you're going, and you don't care where you've come from, because all that matters is speed, and the hands holding your hands.

— M.T. Anderson

Spinning yarns is a protection against the nuttiness ... the greed, the hate all around us.

— John D. Voelker

Night was spreading slowly around the spinning Earth. It should have been full of pinpricks of light. It was not.
There were five billion people down there. What was going to happen soon would make barbarism look like a picnic - hot, nasty, and eventually given over to the ants.

— Neil Gaiman

I always imagined myself somehow as an electron around some atom, and you're just, like, bouncing around and spinning. There was a never-ending supply of places to go, people to see, things to do, and fitting it all in became kind of an art.

— Tom Freston

Could we go into your room?" she asked. "I knew it. I knew it," he said, spinning around and sliding quickly toward his door. "It's finally happend, just like in dreams. An intelligent, beautiful woman is going to declare her undying affection

— Arthur C. Clarke

On the lawn one late summer day, her pale hair tangled because she'd cry if anyone tried to brush it, spinning around and around until she got so dizzy she fell in a pile of bare feet and dandelions and sundress.

— Holly Black

Don't worry about that," she said, spinning around. "I will get in, and be ready to give you support. But this is your play, Ladrian, not mine. You're the detective; I'm just around for the punchy-punchy, stabby-stabby."
( ... )
"She assumes," Wax said, "that our detective style isn't normally the punchy-punchy, stabby-stabby type."
"To be fair," Wayne said, "it's usually a more shooty-shooty, whacky-whacky type."
Marasi rubbed her forehead. "Why are we having this conversation?"
"Because we're tired," Wax said.

— Brandon Sanderson

But opinions, judgments, memories, dreaming about the future-ninety percent of the thoughts spinning around in our heads have no essential reality.

— Joko Beck

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