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Speed Of Love Quotes

Speed of love is measured in blushes per hour.
— Vikrmn —

Falling in love or just plain falling : they were both terrifying at any speed

— Abigail Roux

Love skimmed over the surface like a sailboat, grabbing me up and carrying me along one minute, the speed dizzying, the view passing by so quickly I couldn't take it in. The next minute, my little love boat was swamped in a storm, overturned, the sail pointing toward the murky depths, everything upside down. I was trying to swim with legs of lead. I'd never thought of love this way-as something that moved with the ebb and flow of currents. Push and pull. Joy and pain. Fear and trust. Falling, and trying to balance, and falling again.

— Lisa Wingate

They started calling it The Rape, and it came to stand for everything: for coming together while falling apart; for loving each other and hating everybody else; for moving at breakneck speed while getting nowhere; for freezing in the streets and melting in the rooms of love.

— Denis Johnson

I love the game, it's the greatest game on earth, that's why I can't understand all of this talk about trying to make the game better. People talk about the high strike zone and changing this and that. Why? To speed up the game? That's the beauty of baseball. There is no time element.

— Eric Davis

There's something about the good-hearted guy fighting the system. I just love that. That's how 'Speed' is. He's a really focused guy with a heart of gold and the corporations are trying to crush him and use him for his skills to make them more money.

— Emile Hirsch

Don't embrace mediocrity; its main charm is to make you fall in love with failure. Speed off ... Excellence awaits you at the end of your journey!

— Israelmore Ayivor

Speed of love is measured in blushes per hour.

— Vikrmn

Eddy, I've made my own way since I was a kid, and when I marry it's going to be because the man I love and a girl named Tina are traveling together in the same direction at approximately the same speed, and each under his own power. I won't be steered, towed, nor provided with an icebreaker. ( ... )

— Theodore Sturgeon

Half the time he seems autistic, the rest of the time he's like a lizard jacked full of lithium and speed. These things do not promote love in most of us.

— Warren Ellis

I don't size up their grades or their board scores. Because in America today, that's just an advantage certain people have. I size up the give and take, the speed of thinking, what I perceive as ambition. I say, 'Tell me about your high school jobs.' And I love people who worked in coffee shops who were waiters and waitresses.

— Mickey Drexler

I am moved by the multitudes of your intelligence and sometimes, returning, I become the sea- in love with your speed, your heaviness and breath.

— Frank O'Hara

It's all-let's use a very specific word here-miraculous. You, me, love, quarks, sex, chocolate, the speed of light-it's all miraculous, and it always has been.

— Rob Bell

What use is the love of commoners? The nobles have the money, the soldiers, the power.'
Bayaz rolled his eyes at the clouds. 'The words of a child, easily tricked by flim-flam and quick hands. Where does the nobles' money come from, but from taxes on the peasants in the fields? Who are their soldiers, but the sons and husbands of common folk? What gives the lords their power? Only the compliance of their vassals, nothing more. When the peasantry become truly dissatisfied, that power can vanish with terrifying speed.

— Joe Abercrombie

Pulsar: a dying star spinning under its own exploding anarchic energy, like a lighthouse on speed. A star the size of a city, a city the size of a star, whirling round and round, its death-song caught by a radio receiver, light years later, like a recorded message nobody heard, back-played now into infinity across time. Love and loss.

— Jeanette Winterson

You don't have to feel bad to act kindly. Love doesn't stand by, it moves with the speed of clarity.

— Byron Katie

Skijoring is just something that people want to see, it's like Ben Hur on snow, the modern way. I love the speed, the adrenalin rush is something special. It's just unique.

— Charlton Heston

I used to be in love with Sandra Bullock when I was growing up. Sandy B. was my girl. I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, 'That's her.'

— Chris Evans

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