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So Spend Time Doing Quotes

I have always had a deep belief that every movie, every artistic expression, is political. Dont be fooled. Even ones that we wouldnt consider overtly political are political. When we spend time doing anything, whether its distraction or whether its something that we have to face, it is always political. Thats my belief.
— Jake Gyllenhaal —

Spend more time doing things that make you forget about the time.

— Charlotte Eriksson

Mr.Nobley had entered the room before he noticed her. He groaned.
"And here you are. Miss Erstwhile. You are infuriating and irritating, and yet I find myself looking for you. I would be grateful if you would send me away and make me swear to never return."
"You shouldn't have told me that's what you want, Mr. Nobley, because now you're not going to get it."
"Then must I stay?"
"Unless you want to risk me accusing you of ungentlemanlike behavior at dinner, yes, I think you should stay. If I spend too much time alone today, I'm in real danger of doing a convincing impersonation of the madwoman in the attic."
He raised an eyebrow. "And how would that be different from
"Sit down, Mr. Nobley," she said.

— Shannon Hale

He wished he could be with her longer, spend more time with her, have a good, leisurely talk. But she had her own life, most of which occurred offstage, in a place he didn't yet know about, doing things that had nothing to do with him.

— Haruki Murakami

Rather than spend so much time wondering if I'm going to get hired, or is it a problem that I've got this black-tar history, I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing and try to be decent.

— Natasha Lyonne

I really enjoy doing sitcom television. It allows me to stay in Los Angeles and spend more time with my husband and kids.

— Nancy Travis

I used to feel that I spent too much of my time in my pajamas doing nothing, and I'd think 'in the time that I don't spend writing, I could raise a family of five.' In a lot of ways, being a writer is lonely and alienating.

— Elizabeth Wurtzel

As an actor or anybody as a human being, I feel more and more like I want to spend time doing something significant. Because what's the alternative? Spend your life wasting your time.

— Ron Perlman

While I'm a venture capitalist who invests in early-stage tech companies, I often feel like a professional emailer and conference call maker. I try to spend most of my time doing whatever the companies we are investors in need me to do.

— Brad Feld

It's important to have a life and spend time outside of those things [music and politics], in order to appreciate what you've achieved as far as just spending time with people you love, and doing things like painting.

— Eddie Vedder

I am fortunate to have a very helpful team that enables me to spend time doing things that are important but not necessarily urgent. People who have no such team need to also make these larger decisions so that they can cheerfully say No to that which is urgent but not important.

— Stephen Covey

I've had plenty of friends tell me that their first time doing stand-up, they do well, and then they tank for a while after that. Kind of like the first time you do a drug, you're like, "Huh! This is pretty darn good," and then you spend all your money trying to get the same high.

— Jim Gaffigan

I was too busy doing my job and living my life to spend time keeping notes for some future volume of memoirs.

— Pierre Trudeau

To me acting is a hobby and I'm inspired by it. And if I'm going to spend time doing something that I'm not really inspired to do, then why am I doing it? I don't know if that sounds sort of new agey or whatever, but it's true. I've been lucky enough to have a musical career that has gone pretty good and acting is something I have always wanted to do.

— Justin Timberlake

First rule of writing: When still a child, make sure you read a lot of books. Spend more time doing this than anything else.

— Zadie Smith

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