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So Hard To Decide Quotes

Its hard to decide how to match words to music. Its not like its twice the work. Its always difficult for me to explain to the composer what Im looking for. Im not a professional; I lack even basic knowledge about writing music.
— Ayumi Hamasaki —

If you decide to make someone the enemy and you're pushing very hard against them, you don't affect them at all, but you disconnect yourself form the Stream. If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience. You cannot be diminished by someone cheating you unless you get all upset about being cheated and push against them and use that as your excuse to disconnect from the Stream.

— Abraham-Hicks

Loving someone isn't a hard task, it's not a chore, you don't wake up one day and decide to break their heart because you got all hot and bothered, that doesn't happen! he boomed.

— Holly Hood

We want progress in medicine to be clear and unequivocal, but of course it rarely is. Every new treatment has gaping unknowns - for both patients and society - and it can be hard to decide what do do about them.

— Atul Gawande

She said: We all spend our twenties and thirties trying so hard to be perfect, because we're so worried about what people will think of us. Then we get into our forties and fifties, and we finally start to be free, because we decide that we don't give a damn what anyone thinks of us. But you won't be completely free until you reach your sixties and seventies, when you finally realize this liberating truth-nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

I know. It was hard to decide, but I knew if I told James, he wouldn't let me go, and ... and it's for his own good." After a deep breath, she continued. "Anyway, Jayden wanted to come, but he said he wasn't going to leave you here alone, so therefore you both have to come with me."
I glanced at Jayden and slowly nodded. "Okay ... when do we leave?"
"Now," they said in unison.

— Embee

I think that when you decide to dedicate yourself to creative endeavors and surround yourself with people who are creative, you very quickly learn how hard it is to survive doing those kinds of things, not to mention make a living at them.

— Oscar Isaac

I think it would be pompous to say I am an underrated actor. I don't think it is for me to think and decide; it is for people to decide. But I am glad I am underrated than being overrated - that is something I would find hard to digest.

— Randeep Hooda

It's rather hard to decide just when people are grown up,' laughed Anne.
'That's a true word, dearie. Some are grown up when they're born, and others ain't grown up when they're eighty, believe me. That same Mrs. Roderick I was speaking of never grew up. She was as foolish when she was hundred as when she was ten.'
'Perhaps that was why she lived so long,' suggested Anne.

— L.M. Montgomery

And even after supposedly happy endings ... well, we don't know for sure what happens after the final credits. Elizabeth probably dies in childbirth while Darcy sits stoically outside the bedroom door. Nurse Hathaway might get bored of Doug Ross and his cable-knit sweaters and run off to a tropical island. Even Bella might discover that Edward always hogs the remote and has an annoying laugh and decide to call it quits-no hard feelings.

— Abby McDonald

It is likely that human beings will find fulfillment and will be rewarded for the same qualities that they have been rewarded for for 5,000 years. And that is intelligence, hard work, honesty, a sense of character, loyalty to family and friends, and above all, love and faith. If you are trying to decide what you should do, those are the things you should do. And you know it.

— Fareed Zakaria

The lack of real contact between mathematics and biology is either a tragedy, a scandal or a challenge, it is hard to decide which.

— Gian-Carlo Rota

It's easy to decide what you're going to do. The hard thing is deciding what you're not going to do.

— Michael Dell

Some of them [family names] have sentimental value for some reason or another, some of them just sound beautiful. Some of them are because of people that are meaningful to us in our lives. So it's hard to say which one we'll pick. Sometimes they say you have to see the child before you decide. So maybe when we see her we'll make a last-second decision.

— John Legend

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