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Skank Quotes

You have climbed to the top of the skank tree, then fell ... and you banged every guy on the way down.
— Christine Zolendz —

I think we need to have a little talk, woman to skank.

— Jeaniene Frost

Do it, my fellow Americans! Do it for every adolescent
anomic skank genius cloistered in his room, getting cranked,
rabidly humping his sampler as he confects some heretical,
monstrous persona for himself and dreams of an orgiastic,
blood-soaked apocalypse. Yes, the /impudence!/ We have
/nothing/ in this life of suffocating obligation but our
own motherfucking impudence! For God's sake, give us this
day our motherfucking big-dick impudence!!

— Mark Leyner

I climbed into Misery and called Uncle Bob. "We hooking up?"
"Why does everything out of your mouth make me sound incestuous?"
"Um, I wasn't aware that it did. Perhaps you have a guilty conscience."
"Is there something you need to get off your chest? Besides that skank I saw you with the other day?

— Darynda Jones

You have climbed to the top of the skank tree, then fell ... and you banged every guy on the way down.

— Christine Zolendz

I was the kind of girl who had no latent skank huddling deep inside,

— Kristen Ashley

His smile turned into a grin. He looked down at his tray and shoveled rice onto his fork. "You guys hitting that party tonight?"
"Which one?" Becca said drily. "We try to make the circuit."
He smiled in a way that said he saw right through her. "Well-and I want to make sure I get this straight-Monica said Claire said her boyfriend's best friend's brother was home from college with that skank Melissa-"
"No," said Becca sharply. "We're not.

— Brigid Kemmerer

Phase one, my dear, is find your inner hoochie mama."
"Ahh, I get it." Sally nodded. "It's all about embracing your inner skank."
Jen shook her head. "I think the air is thinner here because you two are clearly not getting enough oxygen to the brain."
"Oh, come on. Give us a break. Out of all of us, you've got inner skank-embracing down to an art form," Sally told her.
"True, very true, Sally. I am expert on all things skank.

— Quinn Loftis

Yes,I'm seeing someone," Nick said. Standing beside them but hardly acknowledging them.He was watching for my answer on his phone.
"For how long?" a woman asked.
"Four years," I heard him say.
"Aww!" I squealed. Then I turned to Chloe. "Do I want to be in People?"
"No," she said firmly. "Nick is ot."
Gavin frowned and poked her in the side. "Hey."
She ducked away from his finger. "Facts are facts. Nick is hot,and when girls read People and see he's dating you,they will call you a skank ho. You and I have mooned over Prince William. We know the deal.

— Jennifer Echols

What is your definition of skank?' I ask.
'A skank fucks skeezas she barely knows.

— Megan McCafferty

She stops chewing and brings the chains on her wrist up to her nose and sniffs. She pulls away with a mild disgusted expression. Definitely smells like a skank ...

— J.A. Redmerski

You rock so, you rock so, you dip so, you dip so, you skank so, you skank so, and don't be no drag! You come so, you come so, for reggae is another bag!

— Blake Lively

I took my AlDS test. You start reflecting ... You start thinking about every nasty, skank-ass ... It's like the movie Scrooge, and the Ghost of Pussy Past comes.

— Chris Rock

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