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Shout And Scream Quotes

No one has ever touched me like you do. Youre like a whisper. Gentle, soft. Soothing. In my world, the people only shout and scream. But you ... youre my haven. " ... "God, youre good
— Sherrilyn Kenyon —

When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

— Cory Doctorow

The public are a lot of jackasses. If you yell and scream and throw yourself about you'll always get a lot of damned fools to shout themselves silly. Just barnstorming, that's what you've been doing the last four nights. It was false from beginning to end."
"False? But I felt every word of it."
"I don't care what you felt, you weren't acting it. Your performance was a mess. You were exaggerating; you were over-acting; you didn't carry conviction for a moment. It was about as rotten a piece of ham acting as I've ever seen in my life.

— W. Somerset Maugham

I intend to scream, shout, race the engine, call when I feel like it, throw tantrums in Bloomingdale's if I feel like it and confess intimate details about my life to complete strangers. I intend to do what I want to do and be whom I want to be and answer only to myself: that is, quite simply, the bitch philosophy ...

— Elizabeth Wurtzel

We need to in this country begin again to raise civil discourse to another level. I mean, we shout and scream and yell and get very little accomplished, but you can disagree very much with the next guy and still be friends and acquaintances.

— Leah Ward Sears

I've always felt that I shouldn't scream on the air ... I just feel there's a way of rising enthusiastically if there's an exciting play, but you don't have to scream. There are people who do shout, and I think that's unnecessary. You have to be under control at all times, no matter what's taking place. Enthusiasm and excitement can be expressed without going berserk.

— Marv Albert

Life makes concessions for no one; it's up to each of us to learn from our experiences; laugh; cry; scream; shout; do whatever it takes to let it out; the important thing is to get it out ... move on ... and live life ... life waits for no one either.

— Mary Surratt

Too often we are scared. Scared of what we might not be able to do. Scared of what people might think if we tried. We let fears stand in the way of our hopes. We say no when we want to say yes. We sit quietly when we want to scream. And we shout with the others, When we should keep our mouths shut. Why? After all, we do only go around once. There's really no time to be afraid. JUST DO IT.

— Barry Sanders

A lot of the time, I write a lot of angry stuff, but then I don't want to be a finger-pointer - I'd rather be a cheerleader than a judge. I don't want to preach as if I'm in some position of righteousness, but I do want to speak my mind and scream at the clouds and shout out of the pit of hopelessness that I sometimes think the human race is in.

— Dave Matthews

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