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She stood by the bed and stroked her fathers hand, knowing how desperately afraid he must feel at this moment. Hed always prided himself on being the kind of man who could be counted on, a man to whom others looked for advice and support. Dependence would wither his spirit, and the thought of that, of her father being diminished or broken, was almost as unbearable as the thought of losing him.
— Hillary Jordan —

She tossed her towel on her dresser and turned to the bed where shed left her PJs. Only it wasn't just her PJs on the bed anymore.
Lucas, eyes wide, sat on the foot of her bed, about four feet from where she stood completely naked.
She squealed.
He laughed.
She dashed for the towel.
Once she had it around her, she glared from a still grinning Lucas to the door. "I'm killing Della!"
He laughed again. "I'm afraid I might have to protect her for this one.

— C.C. Hunter

Someone was playing the piano and, as she concentrated, Olivia realised she recognised Chopin's 'Grande Polonaise'. She stood up and left the library, following the direction of the music, letting her auditory senses lead her eventually to the doorway of the drawing room. She stood where she was, listening to the exquisite rendition of one of her favourite pieces, closing her eyes as the sound emanated from the piano at the other end of the room. ( ... ) Olivia gasped in astonishment when she saw it was Harry.

— Lucinda Riley

She stood in the storm, & when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.

— Elizabeth Edwards

Because," he said quietly as she stood up, "until you walked into it, this was an ordinary garden."
Puzzled, Elizabeth tipped her head. "What is it now?"

— Judith McNaught

So she stood naked in front of the young man and at this moment stopped playing the game.

— Milan Kundera

He stole credit for my research. And he was after the code I'm working on now."
Cade went still, fury spiking through him. "Holly, I'm going to give you his throat for this."
"Aw, you say the sweetest things, demon." She stood on tiptoe and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.
Deciding he'd kill Tim for her anyway, he relaxed and said, "I know how to play those heartstrings, yeah?"
She unbuckled Cade's belt. "I called him a fuckwit tosser."
"That's my girl." He stripped off her top, then his shirt. "Are you coming on to me to get back at him?"
"Probably." Down went his zipper.
"I'm okay with that.

— Kresley Cole

There were times when she stood so close that he was amazed at his own ability to keep his hands to himself. Moving

— Marissa Meyer

I was immediately aware of her when she stood at the window but I didn't move at first. I wanted to look at her with my human eyes.#Ren

— Colleen Houck

The man they'd come to see was up and standing at the window with his back to them, so that only Sophia saw his squared stance and his shoulders and the brown hair fastened back above the collar of his shirt. He wore no coat, just breeks and boots, and in the fine white shirt he stood there pale and like a ghost, the only thing of light in that dull room.
He spoke again, not looking round, his voice grown hoarser from the illness. 'Did you ye see her? Was she well?'
'She will be now,' the colnel gently said ...
Sophia could not move from where she stood. Could not believe it.
Then he turned, a ghost no longer, but a breathing man. A living man, whose shadowed eyes grew brighter in the grip of hard emotion as he left the window and in two strides crossed to fold her in his arms ...

— Susanna Kearsley

Picture, if you will, Tommy, the fuse of a cannon. Now, when one touches a flame to a fuse, what happens? It's consumed bit ... '
He stepped toward her, so close that his boot toes nearly touched the toes of her slippers.
She sucked in a breath. But she stood her ground when his knees brushed hers.
' ... by bit ... '
His voice had gone perilously soft. ' ... by bit. Until ... '
His breath fluttered her hair.
His mouth was next to her ear now. 'Boom.

— Julie Anne Long

At the end of the day, he said, "I will take care of you," his voice thick with emotion. She stood before him and nodded. He zipped her coat for her.

— Elizabeth Strout

His blue eyes watched her as she walked to him, and the room was filled with the quietness of afternoon sunlight. It fell through the window, across the rocking chair, hit broadside the wallpaper with its brightness. The mahogany bed knobs shone. Through the curved-out window was the blue of the sky, the bayberry bush, the stone wall. The silence of this sunshine, of the world, seemed to fold over Olive with a shiver of ghastliness, as she stood feeling the sun on her bare wrist. She watched him, looked away, looked at him again. To sit down beside him would be to close her eyes to the gaping loneliness of this sunlit world.

— Elizabeth Strout

But now his dry and silent grieving for his lost wife must end, for there she stood, the fierce, recalcitrant, and fragile stranger, forever to be won again.

— Ursula K. Le Guin

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