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Secret Of Marriage Quotes

The secret of marriage is thinking that your partner is better than yourself.
— Molly Peacock —

The secret to a long and loving marriage is to choose, everyday, to be married.

— Jacqueline Patricks

Or, for one of our mothers, the secret to a good marriage, she said, was sex.

— TaraShea Nesbit

The secret of marriage is thinking that your partner is better than yourself.

— Molly Peacock

A woman's heart is a deep, wild, and wondrous place full of secret desires. I desire for my life to count for something. I desire for my kids to grow and become good people. I desire for my marriage to always be full of love and devotion. I desire to live a life of no regrets. But my greatest secret desire must always be for more of God in my life. This is the only desire that's certain to never disappoint and can never be taken from me. My husband, my kids, and my life as I know it could be stripped away in an instant. But God will be there through it all. I just have to make the choice to make my relationship with Him of utmost importance.

— Lysa TerKeurst

It was one of the secret opinions, such as we all have, of Peter Brench, that his main success in life would have consisted in his never having committed himself about the work, as it was called, of his friend Morgan Mallow.
This was a subject on which it was, to the best of his belief, impossible with veracity to quote him, and it was nowhere on record that he had, in the connexion, on any occasion and in any embarrassment, either lied or spoken the truth. Such a triumph had its honour even for a man of other triumphs
a man who had reached fifty, who had escaped marriage, who had lived within his means, who had been in love with Mrs Mallow for years without breathing it, and who, last but not least, had judged himself once for all.

— Henry James

Before marriage she had completely mastered my imagination, for she was a secret to me; and I created the unknown thought before which I trembled as if it were hers.

— George Eliot

The secret to a long marriage in the film industry? Marry someone wonderful, as I did. And always have her come along on location.

— Christopher Lee

Moyers: Then what does love have to do with morality?
Campbell: Violates it ... Insofar as love expresses itself, it is not expressing itself in terms of the socially approved manners of life. That's why it is all so secret. Love has nothing to do with social order. It is a higher spiritual experience than that of socially organized marriage ... Love was a divine visitation, and that's why it was superior to marriage.

— Joseph Campbell

Any good marriage is secret territory, a necessary white space on society's map. What others don't know about it is what makes it yours.

— Stephen King

People ask what the secret of a happy marriage is. If there is one, it's 'don't talk about it.'

— Jane Asher

Marriage is the most licentious of human institutions
I say the most licentious of human institutions: that is the secret of its popularity.And a woman seeking a husband is the most unscrupulous of all the beasts of prey. The confusion of marriage with morality has done more to destroy the conscience of the human race than any other single error.

— George Bernard Shaw

Dear Jack,
I love you, too.
And I think I know the secret to a long and happy marriage- just choose someone you can't live without.
For me, that would be you.
So if you insist on being traditional ...

— Lisa Kleypas

Every gay reader understands the secret self that is full and wonderful and has longing and tenderness and a desire for connection to other people. I think that arguments against gay marriage are just ridiculous! Who cares? People want to get married for the same reason I wanted to get married. They want to do it in front of their friends and family

— Lynda Carter

The secret of marriage is: separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms.

— Bette Davis

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