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Say What I Mean Quotes

I never say what I mean, but I always manage to say something similar.
— Eugene Ormandy —

Think about what it would mean to fight," he said. "Say we barricade ourselves here in the hotel and refuse to leave. They come at us with their Weapon, whatever it is. Some of us are hurt, some die. We go out to meet them with whatever weapons we can find - sticks, maybe, or pieces of broken glass. We battle each other. Maybe they set fire to the hotel. Maybe we march into the village and steal food from them nad they come after us and beat us. We beat them back. In the end, maybe we damage them so badly that they're too weak to make us leave. What do we have? Friends and neighbors and families dead. A place half destroyed, and those left in it full of hatred for us. And we ourselves will have to live with the memory of the terrible things we have done.

— Jeanne DuPrau

Someday you'll understand. You'll have your own children, and they'll mean more to you than the world. A wife has to defend her children, even against her own husband. Not that I expect you to be easily cowed. But sometimes, despite all you say and do, your husband won't be dissuaded from folly. When that happens, as a mother you have to close ranks. Your first responsibility is to your children. To salvage what you can. Even if they hate you for it.

— David Walton

There are three principles in a man's being and life:
The principle of thought, the principle of speech,
and the principle of action. The origin of all conflict
between me and my fellow-men is that I do not
say what I mean and I don't do what I say.

— Martin Buber

Any true wizard, faced with a sign like 'Do not open this door. Really. We mean it. We're not kidding. Opening this door will mean the end of the universe,' would automatically open the door in order to see what all the fuss is about. This made signs rather a waste of time, but at least it meant that when you handed what was left of the wizard to his grieving relatives you could say, as they grasped the jar, 'We told him not to.

— Terry Pratchett

I say what I mean. I don't speak in code. That's why I am a star and ace communicator.

— Rush Limbaugh

It is our honor, Amelia said, and it was the weirdest thing-it sounded like she really meant it. People don't often say exactly what they really mean.

— Lili St. Crow

The media insists on taking what someone didn't mean to say as being far closer to the truth than what they did.

— Alain De Botton

They say 15 million people are watching the show, but what does that mean, you know? It's not until I'm accosted on the street that I understand!

— America Ferrera

She goes on to explain about how need to not only listen to what the other person is saying but try to hear the meaning behind their words. But my thing is that if you want someone to understand what you're saying, you should say what you mean.

— Susane Colasanti

I think in terms of who can be trusted, I think the evidence is clear that there has been no candidate that I have ever seen who lies more often than does Donald Trump. I mean and that's just not me saying it, that's what any independent media analysis has shown. So in terms of trust, you really can't trust a word, I think, that Mr. Trump has to say.

— Bernie Sanders

Be real. Try to do what you say, say what you mean, and be what you seem.

— Marian Wright Edelman

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