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Say Something Positive Quotes

I wanted to play roles which offered new ways of viewing black women and black people in general- and I have done that. And I have always, whether I needed to pay the rent or not, Ive always turned down roles which I thought were stereotypical. And so when I look at my body of work in that respect, I am really happy. Because I feel my work does say something positive and that was what I always set out to do.
— Naomie Harris —

As I say, the happiness with which the pleasure-seekers gathering on this pier greeted this small event would tend to vouch for the correctness of my companion's words; for a great many people, the evening is the most enjoyable part of the day. Perhaps, then, there is something to his advice that I should cease looking back so much, that I should adopt a more positive outlook and try to make the best of what remains of my day.

— Kazuo Ishiguro

Say and do something positive that will help the situation; it doesn't take any brains to complain.

— Robert A. Cook

KM: Yes. Mrs. Lopez, she's human. And you know, clearly, she'd like people to show some appreciation for her hard work. But if people just, you know, take her pie and don't even say, "Hey, nice pie," they just scarf it down or whatever-
MH: I could see how that would get to be annoying. I mean, if you're constantly providing ... pie. And getting no positive feedback-
KM: Right! And what about your future? I mean, how do you know people are still going to want your pie in the future? Supposing they become a famous rock star or something. People are going to be offering them pie all over the place. If they haven't promised only to eat your pie, well, where does that leave you?

— Meg Cabot

Nowadays, people in the entertainment industry can have a louder voice than politicians, and I think it's important that they use that voice to say something positive or to give a voice to somebody that's had theirs taken away.

— Serinda Swan

This place? Nothing positive. OK, I want to say something positive. It's positively a dump.

— Charles Barkley

If you can't say something positive about humanity, then say something equivocal.

— Thomas Ligotti

Cultivate the understanding that the self is not really an independently existing entity, and begin to view self instead in terms of it's dependent relation to others. Although it is difficult to say that merely reflecting on this will produce a profound spiritual realization, it will at least have some effect. Your mind will be more open. Something will begin to change within you. Therefore, even in the immediate term there is definitely a positive and beneficial effect in reversing these two attitudes and moving from self-centeredness to other-centeredness, from belief in self existence to belief in dependent origination.

— Dalai Lama XIV

The inner voice is something which cannot be described in words. But sometimes we have a positive feeling that something in us prompts us to do a certain thing. The time when I learnt to recognise this voice was, I may say, the time when I started praying regularly.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Probably "I love my life" would be something I would say out loud to the planet - just that positive affirmation. And also, "Life is short," "Don't take yourself so seriously," and "Lighten the f - k up." And if that offends you, you really need to lighten the f - k up.

— John Feldmann

Unless you can point to something that I have done or said that has changed the course of the public opinion in a negative way, you've got to check yourself sometimes and say, "Maybe I don't like the way that this thing is said, but it's expanding tolerance." If I said something that was shutting down something that was positive, call me out, but I don't really see me doing that.

— Lizz Winstead

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