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Salt N Pepper Quotes

Ive always believed with age comes wisdom. And I find salt and pepper hair to be very attractive.
— Gideon Glick —

Yo. Salt-and-Pepper. The name is Go-Go or Mr Go-Go, okay?

— Matthew Reilly

Did he break it off? Were you too tall for him?"
"We're the same height. Actually."
"Really. That's adorable. Like salt and pepper shakers.

— Rainbow Rowell

We surf-fished in the breakers catching spottail bass and flounder for dinner. I discovered that summer that I loved to cook and feed my friends, and I enjoyed the sound of their praise as they purred with pleasure at the meals I fixed over glowing iron and fire. I had the run of my grandparents' garden and I would put ears of sweet corn in aluminum foil after washing them in seawater and slathering them with butter and salt and pepper. Beneath the stars we would eat the beefsteak tomatoes okra and the field peas flavored with salt pork and jalapeno peppers. I would walk through the disciplined rows that brimmed with purple eggplants and watermelons and cucumbers, gathering vegetables. My grandfather, Silas, told us that summer that low country earth was so fertile you could drop a dime into it and grow a money tree.

— Pat Conroy

I don't know what you think of me. And you certainly would never picture us together. But probably peanut butter was just peanut butter for a long time, before someone ever thought of pairing it with jelly. And there was salt, but it started to taste better when there was pepper. And what's the point of butter without bread? (Why are all these examples of FOODS?!!?!?!?!?!?!) Anyway by myself I'm nothing special. But with you I could be.

— Jodi Picoult

I like simple food, seasoned with just salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Complicated food and complicated lives are never good.

— Sirio Maccioni

I'm fine. Will put his hand on Amanda's foot again. He could feel a steady pulse near her ankle. He'd worked for this woman most of his career but still knew very little about her. She lived in a condo in the heart of Buckhead. She had been on the job longer than he had been alive, which put her age in the mid-sixties. She kept her salt-and-pepper hair coiffed in the shape of a football helmet and wore pantyhose with starched blue jeans. She had a sharp tongue, more degrees than a college professor, and she knew that his name was Wilbur even though he'd had it legally changed when he entered college and every piece of paper the GBI had on file listed his legal name as William Trent.

— Karin Slaughter

In time we grow older, we grow wiser, we grow smarter, and we're better. And I feel like I'm becoming more seasoned, although I don't have my salt-and-pepper hair.

— Usher

APRICOT JAM Hands-on: 20 min. Total: 30 min. Make the pork and jam mixture up to a day ahead. 1 ⁄ 2 cup apricot preserves 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 3 ⁄ 4 teaspoon kosher salt, divided 1 ⁄ 4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

— Anonymous.

Hannah asked. "Six cans or three quarts of canned tomatoes, two onions the size of a tennis ball, sixteen ounces of jalapeno peppers or one pint if you've canned them yourself, a tablespoon and a half of garlic powder, a teaspoon and a half of both black pepper and salt, and some cilantro chopped fine if you want. Makes a gallon," Sue said. "I found

— Carolyn Brown

I just finished touring, and I'm on a detox thing. It's a heavy detox, so nothing in my belly except water, salt, and cayenne pepper.

— Eddie Vedder

A slab of bread "buttered" with lard and, if you were lucky, seasoned with salt and pepper, was a luxury.

— Jimmy Hoffa

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