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Sacred Cow Quotes

The only sacred cow is an organisation should be its basic philosophy of doing business.
— Thomas Watson, Jr. —

Science is the kind of sacred cow which theology was five hundred years ago ...

— John Lukacs

For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull.

— Ralph Nader

Everyone now has a sacred cow in the tax code. For my money, the most sacred thing of all is our country and its growth, but the sacred cows have turned into a pack of wolves.

— Ari Fleischer

In the 1990s, it's OK to do comedy about the Chernobyl disaster or the Space Shuttle blowing up. It's acceptable to ridicule the Pope or the President of the United States, but God forbid you do a joke ... about gays. The gay community is the last sacred cow in this society.

— Sam Kinison

Science is not a sacred cow. Science is a horse. Don't worship it. Feed it.
[Addressing a group of prospective contributors to an Israeli scientific research program]

— Abba Eban

Every sacred cow in the business has to do with economics.

— Gena Rowlands

The only sacred cow is an organisation should be its basic philosophy of doing business.

— Thomas Watson, Jr.

Everybody thinks of baseball as a sacred cow. When you have the nerve to challenge it, people look down their noses at you. There are a lot of things wrong with a lot of industries ... baseball is one of them.

— Curt Flood

Our freedom is our sacred cow; no one should touch it! We must be very pious in this holy matter.

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

SACRED, adj. Dedicated to some religious purpose; having a divine character; inspiring solemn thoughts or emotions; as ... the Cow in India; the Crocodile, the Cat and the Onion of ancient Egypt.

— Ambrose Bierce

Man is naturally a religious being. His heart instinctively seeks for God whether he reverences the sacred cow or prays to the sun or moon; whether he kneels before wood and stone images, or prays in secret to his Heavenly Father, he is satisfying an inborn urge.

— Spencer W. Kimball

I am afraid that education is conceived more in terms of indoctrination by most school officials than in terms of enlightenment. My own belief is that education must be subversive if it is to be meaningful. By this I mean that it must challenge all the things we take for granted, examine all accepted assumptions, tamper with every sacred cow, and instill a desire to question and doubt. Without this the mere instruction to memorise data is empty. The attempt to enforce conventional mediocrity on the young is criminal.

— Bertrand Russell

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