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Ridiculous People Quotes

These 3 topics will always generate 100+ comments of irrational/ridiculous people: Taxes, tipping, and spending on weddings.
— Ramit Sethi —

Yes, we have to seek redemption! Redemption from the divisive politics based on caste and religion, redemption from the corruption which is eating our lives like termites, redemption from misery of poverty, redemption from the sins of our venal politicians. We need good governance and accountability. An individual has to fight for the things he rightfully deserves. People do not need crutches of any kind if the basic conditions of nation are conducive to their growth. It's ridiculous; people are first deprived of basic amenities, denied their dues and then offered carrots to benefit the vote bank politics.

— Madhu Vajpayee

Tell me, Mr. DeMarco. What's love to you?"
[ ... ]
He glared at his teacher. "I think it's ridiculous you're even trying to define it like it's something material you can just go find if you want it. People use the word too loosely as it is. They say they love this and they love that, when they don't. They just like the shi- uh, stuff. Love is something that changes you, and if you really loved all the crap you say you love, you'd never know who you were because you'd constantly be changing. Once you love, you love forever. You can't help it.

— J.M. Darhower

Never assume that the person you are dealing with is weaker or less important than you are. Some people are slow to take offense, which may make you misjudge the thickness of their skin, and fail to worry about insulting them. But should you offend their honor and their pride, they will overwhelm you with a violence that seems sudden and extreme given their slowness to anger. If you want to turn people down, it is best to do so politely and respectfully, even if you feel their request is impudent or their offer ridiculous.

— Robert Greene

Every milieu has something ridiculous about it - film-making, the music world, painting - because people who take themselves seriously become funny pretty quickly.

— Rebecca Miller

Sometimes people say that kids with autism aren't capable of love. That's ridiculous. My son loves deeply. He just doesn't communicate well.

— Claire Scovell LaZebnik

There's just nothing funnier or crazier than that - doing your Broadway debut as Spider-Man in 'Spider-Man' the musical. It was, like, the last thing I could have ever possibly imagined happening. I mean, I would tell people I was playing Spider-Man, and people would just break out laughing because it was so ridiculous!

— Jake Epstein

I liked to fuck too, but it wasn't my religion. There were too many ridiculous and tragic things about it. People didn't seem to know how to handle it. So they made a toy out of it. A toy that destroyed people.

— Charles Bukowski

There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love.

— Oscar Wilde

Vanity makes people ridiculous, pride odious, and ambition terrible.

— Richard Steele

Ideas that most people derided as ridiculous have produced the best outcomes. Don't do the obvious thing.

— Fred Wilson

It's ridiculous that people call me a sex symbol. I don't feel like that at all. My daughter would get a kick out of it - she'd find it very funny. I'll take it though. I'm very humble. But it's certainly not the way I feel.

— Mark Wahlberg

Many states have laws against cousin marriage, which I think are ridiculous - people should be allowed to make that choice.

— Amber Heard

People who get married because they're in love make a ridiculous mistake. It makes much more sense to marry your best friend. You like your best friend more than anyone you're ever going to be in love with. You dont choose your best friend because they have a cute nose.

— Fran Lebowitz

Winning has to do with gaining personal power through the practice of meditation and mindfulness; not draining your energy on ridiculous things and people.

— Frederick Lenz

I've always said it's flattering to be desired, just as it's flattering that people accept the reality of the character you play. But it was always ridiculous to assume that because I could play a gigolo on screen I'd play anything like that role off screen.

— Richard Gere

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